God is Perfect!

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1.  God is eternally and infinitely perfect; there is infinite perfection in the divine integrity.

2.  Our great God knows and understands Himself; He is infinitely self­-conscious of all His primal attributes of perfection.

3.  “His understanding is infinite and His greatness is unsearchable;” “not only are His thoughts and plans unsearchable,” but “He does great and marvelous things without number.”

4.  “The great Controller makes no mistakes; He is resplendent in majesty and glory.”

5.  Though God cannot personally know imperfection as His own experience, He does share the consciousness of all our mortal experiences of imperfectness – such as the lives we all live right now!

6.  The personal and liberating touch of the God of perfection overshadows the hearts and encircuits the natures of all mortal creatures who have ascended to the universe level of moral discernment.

7.  God thereby actually participates in the experience with immaturity and imperfection in the evolving career of all (us] moral creature beings.


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