Personality in the Universe

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Human personality is the time-space-image-shadow cast by the personality of God Himself; and no actuality can ever be adequately comprehended by an examination of its shadow. Shadows should be interpreted in terms of the true substance.

God is to science a cause, to philosophy an idea, to religion a person-and yes, even to us, our loving Heavenly Father. God is to the scientist a primal force, to the philosopher a hypothesis of unity, to the religionist a living spiritual experience. Your inadequate concept of the personality of God can be improved only by your spiritual progress in the universe, and it will become truly adequate only when you finally attain the divine embrace of Him.

Never lose sight of the antipodal viewpoints of personality as it is conceived by God and mortal. We view and comprehend personality looking from the finite to the infinite; God looks from the infinite to the finite. We possess the lowest type of personality; God the highest. Therefore does your better concepts of God’s divine personality have to patiently await the appearance of the spiritually improving ideas of your human personality.

The prepersonal divine spirit which right now indwells your mortal mind, carries, in its very presence, the valid proof of its actual existence; but the concept of God’s divine personality can be grasped only by the spiritual insights of your genuine personal religious experience with Him and in Him.

Some degree of moral affinity and spiritual harmony is essential to friendship between two persons; a loving personality can hardly be revealed to a loveless person. Even to approach the knowing of a divine personality, all of your personality endowments must be wholly consecrated to the effort; half-hearted, partial devotion will be unavailing.

The more completely you understand yourself and appreciate the personality values of your fellows, the more you will crave to know the Original Personality of God; and the more earnestly will such a God­ knowing personality strive to become like God’s Original Personality.

You can argue over opinions about God, but experience with Him and in Him exists above and beyond all human controversy and mere intellectual logic. The God-knowing human describes their spiritual experience, not to convince unbelievers, but for the edification and mutual satisfaction of the believers themselves.

To assume that the universe can be known, that it is intelligible, is to assume that the universe is mind-made and personality-managed. Your mind can only perceive the mind phenomena of other minds, be they human or superhuman, if personality is somewhere concealed in that universe.

God is spirit-spirit personality; you are spirit-potential spirit personality. You can attain the full realization of the potential of your spirit personality in this [now] human experience of you. You can attain this full realization by simply, wholly consecrating your efforts of living to be perfect in your sphere of human existence as God is perfect in the infinity of all creation.

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