Created on December 31, 2017 at 6:42 pm by Douglas Mayberry


*** WELCOME ***



You made it!   You are ‘alive’!!!  You are ‘living intelligence’!   A ‘human being’!   And already are you ‘pre-destined’— if you so choose — to live for an eternity throughout almost an infinity of total creation!

And so you know!

No longer are you left to wonder!  Recent revelations to our planet now answer those lingering questions:  why were you created; how were you created; why are you here; just what is ‘the true meaning of life’ … to name a few!   The answers are now known!!   Highly complex and written in the highest of human language, here — the revelations have been ‘downstepped’ — so we all can come to know!

Love is — what love does!






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