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About You!

As human beings, we all are (individually) living the art of evolving human (thought) consciousness into time and space (human) realities of things and beings.

Thus, right now, each of us have and are living our own individually unique (thought pattern) journey, where:

  1. At birth, until the emergence of our own morontia (subspiritual/supermaterial)) soul consciousness .,:  

2. Primarily we are engaged in consciousness of human thought …  

3.  Experiencing the resultant human thought realities of emotions, feelings, attitudes, growth posiitonings, etc …  

4.  Coming to enjoy the progressing morontia realities of the soul: as they come to be evolved by the joint creation(s) — as perceived and expressed by the human and spirit realities — of each human individual involved …  

5. (And as too) those direct spirit consciousness communications and influences — as being uniquely and directly expressed [within] you  —  are found to be [in fact] — the Will of God HImself (too)!

That is, what is …  About You!  



About This Site!

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