All Mortals are Evolutionary Beings

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All mortals are animal-origin evolutionary beings of ascendent potential. Thus all mortals enjoy the same individual presence of an indwelling Spirit Being. For each human race of each evolved inhabited world — throughout all the inhabited worlds of the entirety of the seven superuniverses of our 2nd space Level path-receives the same spirit ministry.

The Life Carriers foster a generalized system type of mortal creature, but there are actually seven (7) distinct physical types: the atmospheric (as ours) types, the elemental types, the gravity types, the temperature types, the electric types, the energizing types, and the unnamed types; as well as thousands upon thousands of minor variants of these seven. And these differences are wholly matters of anatomical modification, physiologic differentiation, and electrochemical adjustment. For these distinctions are not concerned with the intellectual and spiritual life of all us mortal human beings.

Though a standard and basic pattern of vegetable and animal life exists in each local universe, oftentimes the Life Carriers are confronted with the necessity of modifying these basic patterns to conform — much depending on the physical status of the planet — to the varying physical conditions of the numerous worlds that confront them. For though the worlds of a local system disclose unmistakable physical kinship, each planet does have its own scale of life.

On the atmospheric worlds (such as ours), usually, but not always, ‘life’ has a marine origin. And on all these sun-heated,  sun-lighted  worlds,  variations  of  seasons  and  temperature  occur,  agriculture  is universal, and common to the advancing races is the pursuit of ’tilling the soil’ of its land.

Though great differences exist between the mortals of the different evolutionary worlds, all mortals of ‘will-dignity’ are bipeds — erect evolutionary animals. Our family lives are uniformly the same.  Our young are usually born singly, with the exception of multiple births. Our average special physical sense endowment is twelve. And all of us are gregarious-both racial and tribal; for inherent in the origin and constitution of all mortals are these group segregations of the human being. All of us mortals thus have the same general struggles; and only are these tendencies modified by the gradual spiritualization and by advancing the civilization of the planet’s human beings.

Most inhabited worlds have six basic evolutionary races: three primary –red, yellow, and blue (white), and three secondary — Orange, green, and indigo (black). But the average length of life varies from 25, on the primitive worlds, to nearly 500 on the more advanced and older spheres — where equality of the sexes prevails! Planets are thus regarded as having not emerged from the stages of barbarism so long as one sex seeks to tyrannize over the other. For male and female mortals are equal in spiritual status and mind endowment.

Mind is a bestowal of God, and therefore it functions the same in spite of its diverse environments. Resultantly, regardless of certain structural and chemical differences which characterize the physical natures of the will-creatures of the various local universes, regardless of these personal and planetary differences, the mind of all us mortals is akin; for very much alike is the mental life of the various orders of all us mortal beings.

Mortal mind cannot however survive without immortal spirit. Thus all mortal minds are dependent on the birth and evolution of the immortal soul — for immortality, as the evolving and immoral soul is dependent on the spiritualization of mind by the indwelling Spirit Being — for eternal survival.  [At least there must not have developed an antagonism towards the indwelling Spirit Being’s mission of effecting the spiritual transformation of (your) mind.]

All the differing physical types and planetary series of mortals alike enjoy the ministering of the indwelling Spirit Beings; as well as that of the guardian angels and the various ministering spirits of time, and messenger hosts of space (detailed in the Urantia Book). And all alike are we liberated from the bonds of flesh by the emancipation of natural death.

Thence, upon death, all of us go to the morontia worlds of spiritual evolution and mind progress as ascending onetime mortal personalities, where indeed all of us are [pre] destined to pass through the following two great phases of increasing volitional dominance over ‘self,’ and in the universe:

  1. The God-seeking (or pre-Finaliter) experience of augmenting the realization of ‘self’-through a technique of identity expansion and actualization, together with cosmic problem solving and consequent universe mastery; and
  2. The God-revealing (or post-Finaliter) experience of the ‘creative-expression’ of self-realization­ through revealing the Supreme Being, the evolving God of experience, the Spirit Person God of our universes of time and space-to the God seeking intelligences who have not yet attained the divine levels of God-likeness!

And remember, each successive universe age is merely the antechamber of the following era, and it is each universe epoch that provides an immediate destiny for all preceding stages of cosmic growth.

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