And so, Why are We Here?

     And so, Why are We Here?




Pure Spirit Energy is “ALL” there is, and it’s Creative! 


Personalized as ‘God’ — God ‘is’ the creative pure spirit energy — of “ALL” there is!  
Residing as the nucleus of the Eternal Isle of Paradise itself, always is God found personally and literally present; the flood streams of life, personality, and energy all flowing the Infinity of His ‘Being!’ Did God move, universal pandemonium would be precipitated. 
Thus — in ‘life’ — God creates zillions upon zillions of diverse ‘personalities’ – ‘energized’ individually as ‘beings’ — to ‘function’ — His total control of ALL — as One Family!  
“We are Here,” for as Jesus “lived with God as One,” we [too] number amongst the relative few created personalities who ‘live with God as One’ — but [instead] — we are becoming perfected to ‘Be’ — an Eternal Spirit Child of Him! 
And ‘right now’ we are being trained! 


           1 of 10: “Consciousness” is the Source of Our Misunderstandings!


Consciousness is a unique ‘awareness’ of things and beings …
Thus, the unique ‘consciousness’ of our [individual] understandings – is [too] the source of the myriad of our [diverse] misunderstandings. 
Regardless, however the diversity of our ‘conscious’ misunderstandings and/or understandings, always does God’s love and goodness ‘unify and heal’ ALL; be it mother and child, brother and sister, friend amongst friends, stranger amongst strangers, lifestyles, work, politics, and the beat goes on, and on, and on! 
For as God evolves the natural beauty of the Oneness of All Nature, so too is God [right now] evolving the beauty of the Oneness of us All — as One Family! 
So it is: our highest human achievement to achieve a loving ‘marriage’ — as our highest human attainment is to attain the experience of a loving ‘family.’ 


God’s love heals and unifies All! 


2 of 10: This is Just the First Life in the Eternal Adventure already “Predestined” for You!


Remember, we just got here! 
This ‘being’ our first and material ‘life experience;’ we now are [just infants] in our becoming ‘perfected’ to ‘Be’ an Eternal Child of God Himself; where [upon death], we resurrect and continue …  
  1. our individual immortal training on the 570 immortal worlds,  
  2. travelling thereafter the long journey to the reality of Eternity itself,  
  3. [first] experiencing life on the 1 billion ‘perfect’ eternal worlds encircling Paradise,  
  4. All while there and continuing thereafter our individual traverse though the 7 stages of actual Spirit training, 
  5. before becoming the ‘perfected spirit’ Child of God Himself —  
  6. as Jesus lived with God as One!
  7. So too shall we each — ‘Be’ — His Eternal Spirit Child! 
Truly God is our Eternal Spirit Father! 


               3 of 10: Who are We to Judge What God Eternally Creates? 


God Creates ‘ALL’ — for His Purposes! 
God creates all kinds of absolute, eternal, spiritual, immortal, material, and other reality types of creatures and creations – in maintaining His total control of All! 
Being just our ‘first life,’ clearly none of us are [not now] in any realistic position to judge — any of what our Creator – absolutely does control — within the Infinity of His ‘Being!’ 
And so again, as Jesus lived ‘One with God,’ so too are we becoming ‘perfected’ to ‘Be’ — His Eternal Spirit Child — living ‘One with God’ [too]!  
There is no other reason God creates us Human Beings! 
And God controls ‘ALL!’ 


4 of 10: God is Love 

God is goodness and love …
We are not!  
It is thus the love and goodness of God — as it uniquely ‘functions’ through you – that is the actual ‘reality’ — for [your] eternal living! 
So doing what you truly love to do – does yield — the best [eternal] life for you! 
Love is what love does … 


5 of 10: Do What you Truly Love to Do!

God ‘being’ goodness and love …
Doing what you truly love to do – ‘is’ you living with God as One — ‘becoming’ — to ‘Be’ — His Eternal Sprit Child!
And no other reason — did God create ‘you!’ 


6 of 10: The Power of Choice 


“Thy Will” is not ‘My Will!’
“Thy Will” being the “Will of God,” and “My Will” being [some] ‘will of you!’  
For it is our “Thy Will’ vs. “My will’ ‘decisions’ — that do yield the resulting ‘actions’ — of just how our personal spiritual enlightenment – does evolve! 
And given the ‘Power of Choice’ — it is those decisions that are made [only] — by ‘you!’ 
Thus, it is ‘you’ who decides the evolving perfection of ‘you!
“Thy Will” is God’s Will! 


                    7 of 10:  Evolving the “Real You


Your immortal soul is the  ‘Real You!’
It is ‘you living with God as One’ — that evolves the ‘Real You’ — your immortal soul!  
As it was God [upon conception] — Who gave ‘life’ to you; so too was it God [upon your first breath breathed] Who also gave to you — your first gift: the unique ‘personality’– you [right now] do possess and enjoy …  
As it was [too] God Who ‘energized’ the material human being – in which you now do live! 
So it is God: our Spirit Father and Creator — Who is the best to ‘perfect’ our ‘Real You’ immortal soul — becoming to ‘Be’ — His Eternal Spirit Child. 
Remember: as a child, as we all wondered [then] how we would grow up in ‘becoming’ the adult we are today; as so too do we [now] wonder how we are becoming ‘perfected’ — to uniquely ‘function’ — as an Eternal Spirit Child of God Himself! 
We simply don’t know!
God is Most ‘Wise!’

8 of 10:  Our “Indwelling” Spirit Beings

God is the Father of us ALL!
God our Father [alone] sent to you – a fragment of Himself – indwelling [right now] — to [actually] ‘Be’ with you – as ‘you live with God as One!’ 
Sent by God Himself [5 years, 10 months, 4 days since the day of your birth] — indwelling your human mind — to live with you — and [by thought) — to communicate directly with ‘you!’  
And [right now] indwelling as the very nucleus of your [now] human mind, Who better is it than God Himself — to perfect ‘you — living with Him as One’ — to ‘Be’ — His Eternal Spirit Child? 
Godspeed … 

9 of 10: Spiritualizing Human Thought 


It is ‘by thought’ that God [right now] does ‘function’ through you!
Thoughts yield decisions; decisions yield actions; and actions yield growth [or decline]! 
As human beings, we all act based upon the decisions of our thoughts, which [in turn] yield the realities of our spiritual growth or decline. 
It is thus our decisions, decisions, decisions, that determine the ‘active’ status of our evolving spiritual growth — to live with God. 
As it is our human decisions – as coordinated by and with our indwelling spirit being – that spiritualize our human thoughts. 
So it is —  
  1. As ‘you live with God as One’ you will and do spiritually evolve … 
  2. Occurring in coordination with the angels and guardians that [right now] are with you,  
  3. All working together to spiritually evolve and grow you — ‘Being.’ 
  4. And as you do increasingly observe ‘you living with God as One’ … 
  5. You intuitively ‘feel’ when ‘you and God live as One!’ 
  6. As generated by your indwelling spirit being – for you to ‘follow!’ 
  7. While [too] it engages in the spiritualization of the human thought(s) of you. 
So it is — as ‘you [do] live with God as One’ — intuitively you [will] ‘feel’ — [your] ‘flow to follow’ — as God ‘functions’ — His goodness and love – to and through you [too]!  
God is ALL there ‘is’ …


 10 of 10: Follow “your” Flow! 


As Jesus lived with God as One — so too are we becoming ‘perfected’ to eternally live with God as One — but to ‘Be’ — His Eternal Spirit Child. 
It is ‘your’ intuitive ‘feel’ that becomes ‘conscious’ in you – that is your ‘flow’ to follow – as you live with God [too]! 
It is you living with God as One – God and you {by thought] communicating with one another — as He ‘functions’ – to and through you [too]! 
And as you ‘live’ with God – you increasingly [will] ‘feel’ your ‘flow to follow‘– as God and you live as One [too]! 
So [by thought] talk to and with our Father God … 
Who better is it [than God Himself] to ‘perfect’ you living [not for Him, but with Him] — as ‘One’ – becoming eternally to ‘Be’ — His Eternal Spirit Child?
 Life is what life does! 



 “God is Real” 

Douglas Mayberry


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