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As ascending mortals, none of us can escape the experience of rearing children ours or others; for either here or upon resurrection –it must be done!

No surviving mortal may fulfill the Paradise career without having passed through that sublime experience of achieving parental relationship to an evolving child of the worlds, or some other analogous and equivalent thereto. For the relationship of child and parent is fundamental to the essential concept that God is our Father — and we are His children.

All fathers and all mothers must pass through the essential experience of rearing a child to the age of puberty; for children need fathers and mothers. And all fathers need parental experience — as much as mothers do!

God is our Spiritual Father, and you are His mortal child — and truly does He love you! And it is this relationship that God truly desires for our understanding and actualization! 

Of the seven transitional worlds encircling Jerusem, it is the finaliters world, transitional-cultural sphere one, where the infant-receiving schools of Satania are found. These schools are enterprises devoted to the nurture and training of the children of time — including the aborted or otherwise unborn; as well as those who have died prior to their ‘individual’ (attainment of the indwelling Spirit Being) status on the records of our local universe Nebadon.

(Life is initiated or terminated only through the actions and decisions of the supervising authorities of the universe. Never is the decision of life left in the hands of such imperfection as our present human selves! Though our decisions of abortion can decide whether or not an unborn child experiences this physical life, never will our decisions decide such child’s true opportunity to ‘chose’ the Paradise career.)

Children dying too young to have acquired their indwelling Spirit Being — even the (aborted or unaborted) unborn — are repersonalized on the finaliter world of the local system concomitant with the arrival of either parent on the first mansion world.

In due course the indwelling Spirit Beings do come to indwell these little ones; while the seraphic ministry of both these non-indwelt and Spirit indwelt groups is in general similar to the more advanced parent — or is equivalent to the only parent in the case only one  survives.

The child’s awakening occurs at the exact time of the parent’s arrival on the first mansion world; and then, as they are, these children are given every true opportunity to choose the Paradise career.

The ascension of either of the natural parents of these children insures that such a mortal child of the realms will be accorded repersonalization on the system finaliter planet.  And when there, all are permitted to demonstrate by subsequent freewill choice whether or not they elect to follow the parental path of mortal ascension.

One half of the finaliter ‘s world is devoted to the work of child rearing; and is referred to as the probationary nursery of the local system.

Maintained by certain morontia personalities of the system, in the probationary nursery the children of surviving mortals who perished prior to acquiring their indwelling Spirit Being — are received and re­-assembled. And these children appear here as they would on earth, except for the absence of sex differentiation — for there is no reproduction of mortal kind after the experience of mortal life on an inhabited world.

Irrespective of parental experience, mansion world parents who have growing children in the probationary nursery are given every opportunity to collaborate with the morontia custodians regarding the instruction and training of their children; and are permitted to journey to visit there for as often as four times a year.

It is revealed that one of the most touchingly beautiful scenes of all an ascendant’s career is to observe mansion world parents embrace their material offspring on the occasions of their periodic pilgrimages to the finaliter world. While one or both of these parents (and I’ll be one) may leave a mansion world ahead of the child, usually are they contemporary for a season — as such season relates to the individual’s progression.

On the nursery world probationary children are grouped according to their indwelt status.

Children having not received their indwelling Beings — ranging in ages from one year and under, up to approximately five years (or that age when indwelt) — composes one group; and children ranging in ages from six to fourteen, having been indwelt, but before death, not having made a choice concerning the Paradise career — composes the other group. And both groups are reared in families of five until such time as the children make their final choice as to the Paradise career.

Any time after the age of sixteen these youth (if final choice has been made) translate to the first mansion world and begin their Paradise ascent. Though some make the choice before this age and go on to the ascension spheres, very few under the age sixteen (by our standards) are on the mansion spheres.

As for those children who definitely decide against the Paradise career, or whose material life has run its course, death automatically terminates their probationary career. For there is no adjudication, no resurrection from such a second death; these children become — as though they never were!

Whereas those children who do chose the Paradise path to perfection, they are immediately made ready for transition to the first mansion world; where many of them arrive in time to join their parents in the Paradise ascent!  However, after passing through the Havona circuits to Paradise — and attaining God, these salvaged souls of mortal origin come only to constitute the permanent ascendant citizenship of Paradise. For having been deprived of the valuable and essential evolutionary experience of mortal life, these children are not (as we) mustered into the Eternal destiny of the Paradise Corps of the Finality.

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