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Surviving Death! Survival of the Human Self Personality Survival Resurrection: Reassembling The Real You! The Morontial Self The Phenomenon of Death How to Survive Death! The Terrestrial Escape! Your Soul is The Escape Vehicle of You! Death Itself! Life After Death (Video)! Following Death! The Morontia Awakening! Death is Just a Process! Resurrection: Reassembling the … Continue reading Death and Resurrection — Directory


Life after Death

Audio File   The realities of spirit and mind functioning in personality and inter-associated in a life-form mechanism [presently your human body] continue in the next life of you; right where you leave off here -- as concerns the intellectual training and spiritual character development of you! Remember: since the unity of selfhood and the … Continue reading Life after Death

And What About Our Aborted Children

Audio File   As ascending mortals, none of us can escape the experience of rearing children -- ours or others; for either here or upon resurrection -- it must be done! No surviving mortal may fulfill the Paradise career without having passed through that sublime experience of achieving parental relationship to an evolving child of … Continue reading And What About Our Aborted Children

There Really are Three Kinds of Death!

There Really are Three Kinds of Death! Click Title to Open File and then click "3 dot symbol" for Free File Download  

Resurrection: Reassembling the Personality of You!

Audio File   Reassembling your personality is the cosmic situation that makes possible the re-personalization of you! The cessation of life destroys the physical brain patterns required for the continued endowment of mind; and such disruption of mind terminates the mortal consciousness of you. And your consciousness cannot reappear until a cosmic situation has been … Continue reading Resurrection: Reassembling the Personality of You!