Introducing a brief but graphic history workbook of Jesus – from Birth to Baptism. A brief overview of the recent revelatory account of Jesus as the Son of Man; answering many questions left unresolved in the Holy Bible: the exact date and time of Jesus’ birth; his upbringing as a child, his youth and adulthood; the death of his earth father, Joseph, and his subsequent becoming the head of his household — comprising his mother, eight (8) bothers and sisters, and himself; his journey to Jerusalem, and discussions with the Jewish teachers; the disappointment of his mother in his refusal to become “King of the Jews”; his graciousness in rejecting the marriage proposal of Rebecca, at age 19; his sojourn and adventures in Rome, the date and time of his baptism by John the Baptist, when he was 30 years old, and so very much more! A workbook you truly will learn from and enjoy!