1. Knowledge is a possession of the mind; truth an experience of the soul, the progressive self. 2. Knowledge is a function of the nonspiritual level; truth is a phase of the mind-spirit level of [More]
1. “Love is the greatest of all spirit realities; truth is a liberating revelation, but love is the supreme relationship; and no matter what blunders your fellow mortals make in their world management of today, [More]
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Audio File   1. “There are three groups of events in which may occur in human lives:          a.)  You may share in those normal happenings which are a part of  the [More]
Audio File   1.  Let your real petitions always be secret; do not let others hear your personal prayers. 2.  Prayers of thanksgiving are appropriate for groups of worshipers, but the prayer of the soul [More]
Audio File   1.  All praying, whether individual or communal, may be either egotistic or altruistic; that is, the prayer may be centered upon self or upon others. 2. Egotistic prayers involve confessions and petitions [More]
Audio File   1.  The motive of the prayer gives it right of way to the divine ear, not the social, economic, or outward religious status of the one who prays. 2.  Prayer is not [More]
Audio File   1.  Monogamy always has been, now is, and forever will be the idealistic goal of human sex evolution. 2.  This ideal of true pair marriage entails self-denial, and therefore does it so [More]
Audio File   1.  The two fundamental laws of living are:      1.)  The first commandment of love for the Father, the head of the family, and      2.) The second of mutual love among [More]
Audio File   1.   “God knows all things; His knowledge of events is universal and perfect; He is possessed of unlimited power to know all things; His consciousness is universal. 2.   God is “perfect [More]
Audio File   1.  The sincerity of any prayer is the assurance of its being heard; but the spiritual wisdom and universe consistency of petition is the determiner of time, manner, and degree of the [More]
Audio File   1.  Man is a material fact of nature, but his life is a phenomenon which transcends the material levels of nature in that it exhibits the control attributes of mind and the [More]
Audio File   1.   The courage of the flesh is the lowest form of bravery; mind bravery is a higher type of human courage, but the highest and supreme is uncompromising loyalty to the enlightened [More]
Audio File   1.  God is everywhere present; the ability of the Universal Father to be everywhere present, and at the same time, constitutes his omnipresence. 2.  God alone can be in two places, in [More]
Audio File   1.  Anger depletes the health, debases the mind, and handicaps the spirit teacher of man’s soul. 2. “Anger is a material manifestation which represents, in a general way, the measure of the [More]
Audio File   1. “God is good;” God is a good God, “God is the beginning and the end, the Father of every good and perfect purpose.” 2.  “The Lord God is merciful and gracious; [More]