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Worship and Prayer No Prayer is Unanswered True Praying The Motive of Prayer Prayers are Answered Conditions of Effective Prayer Prayer and The Alter Ego Praying as a Personal Experience Social Repercussions of Prayer Ethical [More]
1.  When the prayer seeks nothing for the one who prays nor anything for his fellows, then such attitudes of the soul tend to the levels of true worship. 2.  Worship is a personal communion [More]
1.  It does not require a mediator to secure our Father’s favor or forgiveness; the Father in heaven has forgiven you before you have thought to ask Him. 2.  Since God already knows all about [More]
1.   Upon conception,  human  mind a temporary intellect system was loaned to you. 2.  While the mind is not the seat of the spiritual nature, it is the gateway thereto; the mind of man [More]
1.  The two fundamental laws of living are:        a.)  The first commandment of love for the Father, the head of the family, and      b.) The second of mutual love among the children, to [More]
1.  When a prayer is unanswered, the delay often betokens a better answer. 2.  No sincere prayer is denied. 3.  The prayer of material beings can many times be answered only as such an individual [More]
1.  There is a certain range of the freedom of choice which mortals may exercise; the forces of the spiritual world will not coerce you; they allow you to go the way of your own [More]
1.  True praying is the attitude of reaching heavenward for attainment of your ideals. 2.  Prayer is designed to make you, less ‘realizing’; it is designed not to increase knowledge but rather to expand insight. [More]
1.  The sincerity of any prayer is the assurance of its being heard; but the spiritual wisdom and universe consistency of petition is the determiner of time, manner, and degree of the answer. 2.  The [More]
1.  Praying tends to evolve into the dialogue type of communication by the emergence of the idea of an alter ego; the human’s ego seeks to hold communion with a fictitious alter ego. 2.  In [More]
1.   The effective prayer must be:              a.)   Unselfish – not alone have for oneself;              b.)   Believing – according to faith;              c.)   Sincere – [More]
1.  Let your real petitions always be secret; do not let others hear your personal prayers. 2.  Prayers of thanksgiving are appropriate for groups of worshipers, but the prayer of the soul is a personal [More]
1.  Since humans so often and so violently run into temptation, it may become one’s habit to believe that God leads us thither for testing, punishing, or strengthening; but know better. 2. Know that humans [More]
1.  The triune development of the human being is work, study, and relax; so learn the value of rest and efficacy of relaxation. 2. Make the important discovery that many human perplexities are in reality [More]
1.  The motive of the prayer gives it right of way to the divine ear, not the social, economic, or outward religious status of the one who prays. 2.  Prayer is not designed as a [More]
1.  There is a truly spontaneous aspect to prayer; to some individuals prayer is the calm expression of gratitude; to others, a group expression of praise, social devotions; sometimes it is the imitation of another’s [More]
1.   Granted the possession of a normal body and reasonably good health, the secret to call forth man’s slumbering spiritual forces that he may spring forth to the refreshment of his own soul while [More]
1.  All praying, whether individual or communal, may be either egotistic or altruistic; that is, the prayer may be centered upon self or upon others. 2. Egotistic prayers involve confessions and petitions and often consist [More]