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Pattern and Form — Mind Dominance

Audio File   The evolution of mechanisms (mortal bodies to spirit forms) implies and indicates the concealed presence and dominance of creative mind. The ability of our mortal intellect to conceive, design, and create automatic (material) mechanisms demonstrates the superior, creative, and purposive qualities of the human mind as the dominant influence on our planet. … Continue reading Pattern and Form — Mind Dominance

How the Universe Works — Directory

The Personality Gravity Circuit Universal Nonspiritual Energy Systems (Physical Energies) Pattern and Form – Mind Dominance Energy and Matter Transmutations The Eternal Central Universe Cosmic Mind The Human Mind Universal Gravity Natural Philosophy Paradise Forces and Energies The Eternal Isle of Paradise Gravity and Mind Types Table of Contents – How the Universe Works! Spirit … Continue reading How the Universe Works — Directory

The Overcontrol of Evolution

Audio File   Basic evolutionary material life -- premind life -- is the formulation of the Master Physical Controllers and the life-impartation ministry of the Seven Master Spirits in conjunction with the active ministration of the ordained Life Carriers.  As a result of the coordinate function of this threefold creativity there develops organismal physical capacity … Continue reading The Overcontrol of Evolution

Ultimatons, Electrons, and Atoms

Audio File   While the space charge of universal force is homogeneous and undifferentiated, the organization of evolved energy into matter entails the concentration of energy into discrete masses of definite dimensions and established weight -- precise gravity reaction. Local or linear gravity becomes fully operative with the appearance of the atomic organization of matter. … Continue reading Ultimatons, Electrons, and Atoms

The Adventure of Our Planet — Urantia!

Audio File   Urantia was assigned as a life-experiment world.  On this planet the Life Carriers made their sixtieth attempt to modify and, if possible, improve our (local system) Satania adaptation of our (local universe) Nebadon life designs, and it is of record that they achieved numerous beneficial modifications of the standard life patterns.  To … Continue reading The Adventure of Our Planet — Urantia!