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Category: “Human Mortals”– Origins, Races, and “Others out There” Types!

The story of our ancestral ascent from seaweed to the “lord of all earthly creation” is one of biologic struggle and mind survival.  Whereas 500,000 years ago when a man and woman couple of the Sangik race began suddenly to produce a family of 19 unusually intelligent children, the evolution of our planet’s evolutionary races of color began: five of the children’s skins turning red, two orange, four yellow, two green, four blue (white), and two indigo (black).  And there are seven distinct physical types throughout our local system’s location: atmospheric (as are we), elemental, gravity, temperature, electric, energizing, and an unnamed type; as well as thousands of minor variants of these seven differentiations.  Thus there clearly are — “others out there”!