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Category: Jesus from Birth to Baptism

The revelatory evidence of his life as the Son of Man – from Birth to Baptism – is now known. The many questions left unresolved in the Holy Bible are now answered: the exact date and time of his birth; Gabriel’s visitations to Elizabeth (the mother of John the Baptist) and Mary (the mother of Jesus); the details of his upbringing, his first “talk” with God, his journey to Jerusalem and discussions with the Jewish teachers, the death of his earth father, Joseph, along with his subsequent becoming the head of his family – including his mother and 8 brothers and sisters; detailing his triumphs and struggles; his graciousness in rejecting the marriage proposal of Rebecca, at the tender age of 19; his mother’s disappointment in his refusal to become “King of the Jews”, his sojourn and experiences in Rome, the time and date of his baptism, and just so much more! Truly the evidence is clear: Jesus did live his life — from birth to baptism — as the Son of Man.