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While the religions of the world have a double origin — natural and revelatory — at any one time and among any one people there are to be found three distinct forms of religious devotion. [More]
     The standard of true values must be looked for in the spiritual world and on divine levels of eternal reality. To us as ascending mortals, all our lower and material standards must be recognized [More]
Prayer is an expression of the finite mind in an effort to approach the Infinite. The making of a prayer must, therefore, be limited by the knowledge, wisdom, and attributes of the finite; likewise, must [More]
     “Master, I am still at a loss to understand why the loving Father in heaven permits so many of His children on earth to suffer so many afflictions.”      “Nathaniel, you and many others [More]
     Jesus said: “Anger is a material manifestation which represents, in a general way, the measure of the failure of the spiritual nature to gain control of the combined intellectual and physical natures. Anger indicates [More]
     “Some persons are naturally happier than others. Much, very much, depends upon [their] willingness to be led and directed by the Father’s spirit which lies in [them]. Have you noticed in the Scriptures the [More]
     “Likewise (as the whole lily which rears its pure and snowy head high into the sunshine while its roots are grounded in the slime and muck of the darkened soil beneath),” “mortal man, while [More]
     The Master talked to [a] group about the desirability of possessing well-balanced characters. He recognized that it was necessary for most men to devote themselves to the mastery of some vocation, but he deplored [More]
     As the apostles baptized believers, the Master talked with those who tarried.  And a certain young man said to him: “Master, my father died leaving much property to me and my brother, but my [More]
1. Inherited wealth – riches derived from parents and other ancestors.  As steward of inherited wealth, you should consider its resources, you are under moral obligation to represent the past generation in the honest transmittal [More]
     “God is love; therefore, He must be good, and His goodness is so great and real that it cannot contain the small and unreal things of evil. God is so positively good that there [More]
Truth, Error (Evil), and Knowledge      Knowledge is the sphere of the material or fact- discerning mind. Truth is the domain of the spiritually endowed intellect that is conscious of knowing God.      Knowledge is [More]
Morals, Virtue, and Personality Only a personality can know what it is doing before it does it; only personalities possess insight in advance of experience. A personality can look before it leaps and can therefore [More]