one hundred years of Urantia time, the Jerusem (capital of our local system Satania) corps of twenty-four planetary supervisors designate one of their number to sojourn on our world to act as their executive [More]
How the revelator wishes they knew how to portray the exquisite work of these unique artisans! Every attempt on their part to explain the work of spirit embellishment would only recall to material minds our [More]
The Heavenly Reproducers Mortal man can hardly hope for more than a meager and distorted concept of the functions of the heavenly reproducers, which I must attempt to illustrate through the gross and limited symbolism [More]
These interesting and effective artisans are concerned with every kind of energy: physical, mindal, and spiritual. Physical-energy manipulators. The physical-energy manipulators serve for long periods with the power directors and are experts in the manipulation [More]
These artisans are devoted to the preservation and reproduction of the superior thought of the realms, and they function in seven groups: Thought preservers. These are the artisans dedicated to the preservation of the higher [More]
There are cities “whose builder and maker is God.” In spirit counterpart they have all that we mortals are familiar with and inexpressibly more. They have homes, spirit comforts, and morontia necessities. For every material [More]
With the limited range of mortal hearing, we can hardly conceive of morontia melodies. There is even a material range of beautiful sound unrecognized by our human sense of hearing, not to mention the inconceivable [More]
Among the courtesy colonies of the various divisional and universe headquarters worlds may be found the unique order of composite personalities denominated the celestial artisans. These beings are the master artists and artisans of the [More]
As their name might suggest, seraphim of transitional ministry serve wherever they can contribute to creature transition from the material to the spiritual estate. These angels serve from the inhabited worlds to the system capitals, [More]
These seraphim maintain headquarters on the system capitals and, though closely associated with the resident Adamic citizens, are primarily assigned to the service of the Planetary Adams, the biologic or physical uplifters of the material [More]
The fourth order of seraphim are assigned to the administrative duties of the local systems. They are indigenous to the system capitals but are stationed in large numbers on the mansion and morontia spheres and [More]
This versatile order of universe angels is assigned to the exclusive service of the constellations. These able ministers make their headquarters on the constellation capitals but function throughout all Nebadon in the interests of their [More]
Superior seraphim receive their name, not because they are in any sense qualitatively superior to other orders of angels, but because they are in charge of the higher activities of a local universe. Very many [More]
These seraphim are the highest of the seven revealed orders of local universe angels. They function in seven groups, each of which is closely associated with the angelic ministers of the Seraphic Corps of Completion. [More]
Presented  by a Melchizedek acting by request of the Chief of the Seraphic Hosts of Nebadon, noting, as far as they are cognizant, the Infinite Spirit, as personalized on the local universe headquarters, as the [More]
The midway creatures have a threefold classification: They are properly classified with the ascending Sons of God; they are factually grouped with the orders of permanent citizenship, while they are functionally reckoned with the ministering [More]
There are three distinct orders of the personalities of the Infinite Spirit: angels, authorities, and powers. Angels are the ministering spirits of time; authorities, the messenger hosts of space; powers, the higher personalities of the [More]
Besides the seraphic and mortal orders,  there are numerous additional beings concerned in the maintenance and perfecting of such a gigantic organization as the universe of Nebadon, which even now has more than three million [More]