Evolution of an ideal statehood entails, from level to level, the following progress: 1.) The creation of a threefold government of executive, legislative, and judicial branches. 2.) The freedom of social, political, and religious activities. [More]
Audio File The story of our ancestral ascent from seaweed to the ‘lord of all earthly creation’ is one of biologic struggle and mind survival. It begins with our primordial ancestors being literally the slime [More]
Here on Urantia we pass through a short and intense test, all to evolve the “escape vehicle” of our immortal souls. And then, upon mortal death, and the judgment of your soul, approving thereby your [More]
Free PDF Download:  The Mystery of God and Why He Created You! Amazon Kindle and Paperback Editions:  The Mystery Of God and Why He Created You! Table of Contents – The Mystery of God and Why He [More]
“Praise be to God, The Creator, Who is All-Powerful and Who rules alone; the Everlasting and Eternal, All-knowing, Who guides His creatures toward the true faith. God transcends everything. There is nothing like Him, nor [More]
Though the stimuli of the external material world may originate ideas, ‘ideals’ are only born in the creative realms of inner life! Therefore inner and outer worlds maintain different set of values. Meanings are non-existent [More]
Mortal mind is a temporary intellect system loaned to each and every human being for use during this, your present material life-time! Thus, in and through your mind, your decisions are made! And as you [More]
Women seem to have more intuition than men, and have always been the moral standard-bearers and the spiritual leaders of mankind; but they also appear to be somewhat less logical.  Only socially will men and [More]
While the sexes never can hope fully to understand each other, they are effectually complementary; and though their co-operation is often more or less personally antagonistic, such co-operation is still capable of maintaining and reproducing [More]
God eternally controls the total of all creation through the infinity of His four absolute gravity circuits: personality, spirit, mind, and physical (energy-matter) materialization; and all proceed from the central Paradise location of Him. All [More]
500,000 years ago a man and woman couple of the Sangik race living in the Badonan tribes in the northeastern part of the northwestern highlands of India began suddenly to produce a family of nineteen [More]
Whereas Life is basically the response of personality to the total of creation-‘service ‘ is the total essence of all Life!  God (by choice) eternally lives a purely mental and moral existence–the acme of even [More]
It is by virtue of the Spirit Being presence indwelt in your mind that God pre-knows all the perfection of you. And it is through the medium of your mind that He knows all your [More]
Personality is changeless, but it eternally evolves in function, almost to an infinity of living, in its ability to respond and be [within the sphere of its own inherent potential] as God would be! So [More]
The realities of spirit and mind functioning in personality and inter-associated in a life-form mechanism [presently your human body] continue in the next life of you; right where you leave off here-as concerns the intellectual [More]
Audio File   It is your personality that survives death! Not you!  But if you so chose – it will transfer you too-to an eternal life of almost an infinity of joy! Potentially eternal, it [More]
 Your decision to accept Eternal life necessitates the evolution of a completely new creation (inherent in the personality of you}-your evolving immortal soul. It is thus your soul that serves as the vehicle by which [More]