Audio File   To the many readers who specifically may be interested in the historical development of the physical evolution our planet Urantia, may I suggest a more indepth reading of the Urantia Book itself. [More]
Audio File   The great threat against family life is the menacing rising tide of self-gratification; the modern pleasure mania.  Originally property was the basic institution of self-maintenance, while marriage functioned as the unique institution [More]
Audio File        God is spirit — spirit personality; man/woman is also a spirit — potential spirit personality.  Human personality is the time-space image-shadow cast by the divine Creator personality.  And no actuality can [More]
Audio File   As ascending mortals, none of us can escape the experience of rearing children — ours or others; for either here or upon resurrection –– it must be done! No surviving mortal may [More]
Audio File   Just as a butterfly emerges from the caterpillar stage, so too will your true personality emerge on the mansion worlds of Jerusem. Following death, terrestrial escape, and subsequent resurrection — just where [More]
Audio File   Fundamentally there is only one way in which individual human life can be initiated on the inhabited worlds — through creature procreation and natural birth. But there are three techniques (during our [More]
Audio File   Reassembling your personality is the cosmic situation that makes possible the re-personalization of you! The cessation of life destroys the physical brain patterns required for the continued endowment of mind; and such [More]
Audio File   Personality is the true reality of all selfhood. It persists in spite of a continuous change in all the factor components of ‘self.‘  Thus upon death, your present personality leaves the human [More]
Audio File   It’s the departure of the indwelling Spirit Being that determines the actual death of you! And due to our present universe age, most of us will experience this inevitable conclusion — of [More]
Audio File   Providence functions with regard to the total of a specific universe frame; dealing only with the function of a creature –– and only as such function is related to that total. The [More]
Audio File   Our Universal Father, with divine selflessness and consummate generosity, relinquishes authority and delegates power. But still He is primal; His hand is on the mighty lever of the circumstances of His universal [More]
Audio File   In His contact with us as the mortals of time, our Universal Father does not exercise His infinite power and final authority by direct transmittal; but rather our Father rules in the [More]
Audio File   The successive bestowal of Himself upon the universes, as they are brought into being, in no wise lessens His potential of power or His store of wisdom. In potential of force, wisdom, [More]
Audio File   “God knows all things.” His divine mind is conscious of, and conversant with, the thought of all creation. His knowledge of events is universal and perfect. The divine entities going out from [More]
Audio File   All the universes of space know that “the Lord God omnipotent reigns.” The affairs of this world and all other worlds are divinely supervised. “He does according to His will in the [More]
Audio File   God is everywhere present; our Universal Father rules the circle of eternity. The ability of our Father to be everywhere present, and at the same time, constitutes His omnipresence. God alone can [More]
Audio File   In the physical universe we may see divine beauty, in the intellectual world we may discern eternal truth, but the goodness of our Father is found only in the spiritual world of [More]
Audio File   Mercy is simply justice tempered by that wisdom which grows out of God’s perfection of knowledge and His full recognition of our natural weakness and environmental handicaps as finite will creatures. “Our [More]