Paper 2 – The Nature of God 2:7:12 (43.5) The real purpose of all universe education is to effect the better co-ordination of the isolated child of the worlds with the larger realities of his [More]
Paper 5 – God’s Relation to the Individual 5:3:7 (66.3) Sincere worship connotes the mobilization of all the powers of the human personality under the dominance of the evolving soul and subject to the divine [More]
Paper 120 – The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia 120:3:3 (1329.4) As concerns family relationships, give precedence to the accepted customs of family life as you find them established in the day and generation of [More]
Paper 68 – The Dawn of Civilization 68:0:2 (763.2) Civilization is a racial acquirement; it is not biologically inherent; hence must all children be reared in an environment of culture, while each succeeding generation of [More]
Paper 120 – The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia 120:3:8 (1330.3) While you will live the normal and average social life of the planet, being a normal individual of the male sex, you will probably [More]
Paper 1 – The Universal Father 1:3:6 (25.6) In the universes God the Father is, in potential, the overcontroller of matter, mind, and spirit. Only by means of his far-flung personality circuit does God deal [More]
Paper 100 – Religion in Human Experience 100:3:4 (1097.1) Values are experiential when realities are meaningful and mentally associated, when such relationships are recognized and appreciated by mind. Paper 100 – Religion in Human Experience [More]
Paper 84 – Marriage and Family Life 84:0:1 (931.1) MATERIAL necessity founded Marriage, sex hunger embellished it, religion sanctioned and exalted it, the state demanded and regulated it, while in later times evolving love is [More]
Paper 131 – The World’s Religions 131:3:6 (1447.3) contentment is the greatest wealth. Paper 149 – The Second Preaching Tour 149:5:1 (1674.3) When Jesus was visiting the group of evangelists working under the supervision of [More]
Paper 1 – The Universal Father 1:7:3 (31.3) Only a person can love and be loved. Paper 2 – The Nature of God 2:4:2 (38.2) The better man understands his neighbor, the easier it will [More]
Foreword 0:3:25 (6.5) The absolute primacy of the Universal Father is not apparent on subinfinite levels; therefore is it probable that only the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit truly know the Father as an [More]
Foreword 0:0:1 (1.1) Human beings are still more confused and uncertain about the relationships of the divine personalities designated by these numerous appellations. Paper 10 – The Paradise Trinity 10:3:2 (110.8) In eternity and as [More]
Paper 1 – The Universal Father 1:3:8 (26.2) I know the truth of the great declarations: “God is spirit” and “God is love,” and these two attributes are most completely revealed to the universe in [More]
Paper 33 – Administration of the Local Universe 33:3:6 (369.1) This is, in deed and in truth, the high ideal of the family and the human institution of voluntary marriage. Paper 38 – Ministering Spirits [More]
Paper 2 – The Nature of God 2:1:2 (34.1) “The Creator God is wholly devoid of fear and enmity. Paper 2 – The Nature of God 2:6:1 (40.5) Man might fear a great God, but [More]
Paper 112 – Personality Survival 112:3:1 (1229.8) Urantians generally recognize only one kind of Death, the physical cessation of life energies; but concerning personality survival there are really three kinds: Paper 112 – Personality Survival [More]
Paper 2 – The Nature of God 2:2:1 (35.5) “The Father has life in himself, and this life is eternal life.” Throughout the eternal ages it has been the Father who “gives to all life.” [More]
Paper 65 – The Overcontrol of Evolution 65:4:3 (735.2) Many features of human life afford abundant evidence that the phenomenon of mortal existence was intelligently planned, that organic evolution is not a mere cosmic accident. [More]