Complex Revelatory Concepts — Directory

The Relationship Between the First Source Center and the Universe

Different Levels of Realities


Dispersion of Races

Paradise and Local Universe Administration

Urantia Universe Map

Three Different Levels of Time Cognizance

The Paradise Classification of Living Beings

Seven Space Conditions and Motions

Three Absolutes

Supreme Being

Divinity: Flavor of Deity

Seven Stages to Paradise Ascension

God the Sevenfold

Seven Absolutes of Infinity

Trinity of Trinities

Creator Son

Descending Sons of God

Thought Adjuster

Trinity and Unity

The First Source and Center

“Urantia Book” Quotes – by Jay Hun


Diversification of First Source and Center

Trinity Origin Beings and Others

5 Epochal Dispensational Teachings (Revelations)

Ascender’s Career

Architectural Spheres of Jerusem

Functional Family of Third Source and Center

Three Separate Teachings in Christianity


Paradise and Local Universe Administration

The 7 Life Carrier Worlds

What God is Like

Universe Reality

Universal Realities in Human Beings

4 Types of Local Universe Sonship

Two Post-Havona Trinities

The Sons of God

The Functional Family of the Third Source and Center

The Function of the Seven Absolutes

Seven Psychic Circles

Seven Levels of Universe Reality

Planetary Mortal Epochs

Personalities and Entities of the Conjoint Creator

Origin and Destiny of Human Beings

Orders of Lanonandek Sons on Salvington

Man: Son of God

Limitation of the Power of God

Life Is

10 Stationary Sons of Trinity

Human Being & Supreme Being

Headquarters Spheres in Orvonton

Grand Universe Administration

From Life Plantation to the Arrival of Thought Adjusters


Division Reality by Time and Space

Divine Perfection Plan

Core Truth of Urantia Book

Stages of Ascender’s Career

Actuality of the Existence of God

9 Creature Life Inevitabilities

7 Stages of the Creator Son’s Sovereignty

7 Stages of Spirit Attainment of Mortals

7 Stages of Local Universe Mother Spirit

7 Reflective Types of Secondary Seconaphim

7 Orders of Service of Primary Supernaphim

The 7 Master Spirits

7 Levels of Conciliators’ Universe Service

7 Functions of the First Source and Center outside Havona

7 Divisions of Service of Solitary Messengers

7 Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings

6 Space Levels Encircling the Central Isle of Havona

The 4 that Care for the Fundamental Needs of the Master Universe

The 4 Space Motions Classified

The 4 Orders of Universe Circuit Supervisors

The 4 Major Divisions of Supreme Directors

The 4 Absolute Gravity Circuits in the Master Universe

3 Satisfactions Mortal Man Secures from Religious Experience

3 Primary Divisions of Trinitized Sons of God

3 Paradise Domains of Activity

3 Greatest Importance to Ascenders of Ministering Spirits

3 General Stages of Response to Paradise Gravity

3 Basic Mind Realities Throughout the Cosmos

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