Components of the Eternal Evolution of You!

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  1. YOU are the human consciousness of your present human mind; you are living intelligence!
  2. Upon conception, simultaneously did the embryo of your human body, and its indwelt human mind, initiate the present human life of YOU!
  3. Upon birth, your first breath breathed, came your first divine gift — your present human personality — to give a unique and personal expression to YOU! And its original, and is uniquely known throughout almost all infinity!
  4. Upon a normal mind’s ability to chose — at the approximate age 5 years, 10 months, and 4 days, came your second divine gift — an absolute fragment of God-Himself — the God-fragment identity of YOU — right now indwelling as the very nucleus of your mind. It is that “small still voice” you may occasionally hear, there to guide you, step-by-step, through and to, the eternal evolution of you! It is the pre-planned, pre-destined, God-identity of All you were created to be!
  5. And the true meaning of life: simply learn to personality respond to all of the other than YOU, as your indwelling Spirit Being will lead you to respond, as God would as you!
  6. And as you chose to be — the identity of God your indwelling Spirit Being will lead you to, so too does your immortal soul initiate and evolve to be — the “real you;” thereby determining your progressive immortality!
  7. Upon death, it is your immortal soul that is the escape vehicle to transfer you to the [bright light] resurrection halls of the next life of you! But remember, it is only the eventual fusion of your immortal soul with your eternal indwelling Spirit Being that determines the eternity of “YOU”!

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So you know: Why God Created You!

How God does Control All!


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