Conditions of Effective Prayer

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1.   The effective prayer must be:

             a.)   Unselfish – not alone have for oneself;

             b.)   Believing – according to faith;

             c.)   Sincere – honest of heart;

             d.)   Intelligent – according to light;

             e.)   Trustful – in submission to the Father’s all-wise will.

2.   To engage in effective praying, bear in mind the laws of prevailing petitions:

           a.)   You must qualify as a potent prayer by sincerely and courageously facing your  problems of adjusting to universe reality.

           b.)   You must have honestly exhausted your human capacity for human adjustment.

           c.)   You must surrender every wish of mind and every craving of soul to the transferring embrace of spiritual growth.

           d.)   You must make a wholehearted choice of the divine will.

         e.)   You not only recognize the Father’s will and choose to do it, but you have effected an unqualified consecration, and a dynamic dedication, to the actual doing of the Father’s will.

        f.)   Your prayer will be directed exclusively for divine wisdom to solve the specific human problems encountered in the attainment of divine perfection.

            g.)   And you must have faith –  living faith.

3.   Always pray in secret; go off by yourself amidst the quiet surroundings of nature or go in your room and shut the door when you engage in prayer; be adverse to praying in public.

4.   Pray very little for yourself, but engage in much worship of the nature of understanding communion with God.

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