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As mind (gravity) dominates matter (physical-energy gravity), so too does spirit (gravity) dominate and coordinate mind over matter.  And it is the gravity of personality that gives to this ‘action’ a unique expression through almost an infinity of creation.

 So as it is, with all us human beings: as uniquely willed by your human personality, as is revealed by your moral ‘gut’ feeling/vision spirit leadings, and as expressed by your human mind, of which you are its human consciousness, you are enabled to dominate and control the physical-energy actions of your human body; so too is it that as uniquely willed by the absolute personality (gravity) of all infinity, as revealed by the absolute spirit (gravity) of all the cosmos, and as expressed through the absolute mind gravity of all creation, is God too enabled to dominate and control the absolute physical-energy of all infinity.

Universal Gravity

All forms of force-energy – material, mindal, or spiritual are alike subject to those grasps, those universal presences, which we call gravity.  Personality is also is responsive to gravity – to the Father’s exclusive circuit; but though this circuit is exclusive to the Father, he is not excluded from the other circuits; the Universal Father is infinite and acts over all four absolute-gravity circuits in the master universe:

  1. The Personality Gravity of the Universal Father.
  2. The Spirit Gravity of the Eternal Son
  3. The Mind Gravity of the Conjoint Actor.
  4. The Cosmic Gravity of the Isle of Paradise.

Matter, Mind, and Spirit Bestowers

 The bestowal of cosmic force, the domain of physical gravity, is the function of the Isle of Paradise.  “God is spirit,” but Paradise, the dwelling place of his home, is not. All original force-energy proceeds from Paradise, and the matter for the making of untold universes now circulates throughout the total of all creation in the form of a super-gravity presence which constitutes the force-charge of space. The material universe always is the arena wherein take place all spiritual activities; spirit beings live and work on physical spheres of material reality too!

Physical energy is the one reality which is true and steadfast in its obedience to universal law. Only in the realms of creature volition has there been deviation from the divine plans and the original plans. Power and energy are the universal evidences of the stability, constancy, and eternity of the central Isle of Paradise.

The bestowal of mind and the ministration of spirit are the work of the associate persons of God-Himself, the Infinite Spirit and the Eternal Son (not to be mistaken for Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God). Total Deity reality is not mind but spirit-mind – mind-spirit unified by personality. Nevertheless, the absolutes of both the spirit and the thing (having mind) converge in the person of God Himself.

The bestowal of spirit and the spiritualization of personalities, the domain of spiritual gravity, is the realm of the Eternal Son. And this spirit gravity of the Son, ever drawing all spiritual realities to himself, is just as real and absolute as is the all-powerful material grasp of the Isle of Paradise. What Paradise is to the physical creation, and what the Eternal Son is to the spiritual universe, the Infinite Spirit is to the realms of mind the intelligent universe of mortal, immortal, and spiritual beings and personalities; mind is the flexible reality which creatures and Creators can so readily manipulate; it is the vital link connecting matter and spirit.

The Infinite Spirit reacts to both material and spiritual realities and therefore inherently becomes the universal minister to all intelligent beings, beings who may represent a union of both the material and spiritual phases of creation. The endowment of intelligence, the ministry to the material and the spiritual in the phenomenon of mind, is the exclusive domain of the Infinite Spirit, who thus becomes the partner of the spiritual mind, the essence of the morontia (supermaterial/subspiritual) mind, and the substance of the material mind of all evolutionary creatures of time to include all us human beings Remember: mind, matter, and spirit are equally real, but they are not of equal value to personality in the attainment of divinity. Consciousness of divinity is a progressive spiritual experience.

As the mind of any personality in the universe becomes more spiritual Godlike it becomes less responsive to material gravity. Reality, measured by physical gravity response, is the antithesis of reality, as determined by quality of spirit content. Physical gravity action is a quantitative determiner of non-spirit energy; spiritual gravity action is the qualitative measure of the living energy of divinity.

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