Death Itself!

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It’s the departure of the indwelling Spirit Being that determines the actual death of you! And due to our present universe age, most of us will experience this inevitable conclusion — of your mortality!

As mortals of spiritual ascension, really we experience three kinds of birth: physical (mortal) birth, soul (immortal) birth, and (eternal) soul fused with Spirit birth. Thus, as concerns our survivability, so too may we experience really three kinds of death: (physical) body and mind death, (intellectual) mind death, and (spiritual) death: i.e., when you irrevocably chose not to ‘Be’-the Eternal ‘predestination’ of you!

Upon physical death, the indwelling Spirit Being remains in the citadel of the human mind until such mind ceases to function as an intelligent mechanism. (About the time the measurable brain energies cease their rhythmic vital pulsations.) Thereafter the indwelling Spirit Being leaves such a vanishing mind of the human being.

Whereas intellectual death occurs whenever the essential mind circuits of human will-action have been destroyed (i.e. the vital mind circuits are disrupted through the aberrations of intellect, or because of the partial destruction of the mechanism of the brain). Upon which, immediately does the indwelling Spirit Being depart. And this is death, irrespective of the continuing function of the living mechanism of the physical body. (No longer human is the human body minus the volitional mind-though the soul may survive!)

And for spiritual death –it occurs if and when a mortal has finally and irrevocably rejected to ‘Be’­ — their Eternal pre-destination! The case being: if a mortal finally and irrevocably rejects their Eternal career, after being given one true opportunity to decide, immediately is their indwelling Spirit Being (upon approval by the rulers of Judgment) released from their mortal human mind. And again, this kind of death is final in its significance, irrespective of the temporary continuation of the living energies of the physical and mind mechanism-for such a continuing life existence indicates only the persistence of the material momentum of cosmic energies.

After death, and prior to judgment of Its mortal subject, never does a departed indwelling Spirit Being return to earth as a Being of former indwelling; or indwell another mortal mind. Never is personality manifested without human will. Never does the human being without the indwelling Spirit Being manifest active identity or in any manner establish communication with those still here. Such souls are wholly and absolutely unconscious during their sleep’ of death.

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