Education is the Business of Living

Paper 68 – The Dawn of Civilization

68:0:2 (763.2) Civilization is a racial acquirement; it is not biologically inherent; hence must all children be reared in an environment of culture, while each succeeding generation of youth must receive anew its education.

Paper 69 – Primitive Human Institutions

69:1:4 (772.7) They embrace the social safeguards of the home and the school, of family life, education, ethics, and religion.

Paper 70 – The Evolution of Human Government

70:7:8 (791.1) It became the custom to take boys away from parents from puberty to marriage, their education and training being intrusted to the men’s secret societies.

Paper 71 – Development of the State

71:2:7 (802.1) education of public opinion is the only safe and true method of accelerating civilization; force is only a temporary expedient, and cultural growth will increasingly accelerate as bullets give way to ballots.

Paper 71 – Development of the State

71:3:1 (803.1) The political or administrative form of a government is of little consequence provided it affords the essentials of civil progress—liberty, security, education, and social co-ordination.

Paper 71 – Development of the State

71:4:7 (804.7) Compulsory education.

Paper 71 – Development of the State

71:7:1 (806.1) The enduring state is founded on culture, dominated by ideals, and motivated by service. The purpose of Education should be acquirement of skill, pursuit of wisdom, realization of selfhood, and attainment of spiritual values.

Paper 71 – Development of the State

71:7:2 (806.2) In the ideal state, education continues throughout life, and philosophy sometime becomes the chief pursuit of its citizens.

Paper 71 – Development of the State

71:7:3 (806.3) education will jump to new levels of value with the passing of the purely profit-motivated system of economics. Education has too long been localistic, militaristic, ego exalting, and success seeking; it must eventually become world-wide, idealistic, self-realizing, and cosmic grasping.

Paper 71 – Development of the State

71:7:4 (806.4) education recently passed from the control of the clergy to that of lawyers and businessmen.

Paper 71 – Development of the State

71:7:5 (806.5) education is the business of living; it must continue throughout a lifetime so that mankind may gradually experience the ascending levels of mortal wisdom, which are:

Paper 71 – Development of the State

71:8:7 (807.3) The establishment of universal education—learning extended from the cradle to the grave.

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