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      The foundation of the universe is material in the sense that energy is the basis of all existence, and pure energy is controlled by the Universal Father.  Force, energy, is the one thing which stands as an everlasting monument demonstrating and proving the existence and presence of the Universal Absolute. This vast stream of energy proceeding from the Paradise Presences has never lapsed, never failed; there has never been a break in the infinite upholding.

     The manipulation of universe energy is ever in accordance with the personal will and the all-wise mandates of the Universal Father.  This personal control of manifested power and circulating energy is modified by the co-ordinate acts and decisions of the Eternal Son, as well as by the united purposes of the Son the Father executed by the Conjoint Actor.  These divine beings act personally and as individuals; they also function in the persons and powers of an almost unlimited number of subordinates, each variously expressive of the eternal and divine purpose in the universe of  universes.  But these functional and provisional modifications or transmutations of divine power in no way lessen the truth of the statement that all force-energy is under the ultimate control of a personal God resident at the center of all things.

1. Paradise Forces and Energies

     The foundation of the universe is material, but the essence of life is spirit.  The Father of spirits is also the ancestor of universes, the eternal Father of the Original Son is also the eternity-source of the original pattern, the Isle of Paradise.

     Matter — energy –- for they are but diverse manifestations of the same cosmic reality, as a universe phenomenon is inherent in the Universal Father. “In him all things consist.” Matter may appear to manifest inherent energy and to exhibit self-contained powers, but the lines of gravity   involved in the energies concerned in all these physical phenomena are derived from, and are dependent on, Paradise.  The ultimaton, the first measurable form of energy, has Paradise as its nucleus.

     There is innate in matter and present in universal space a form of energy not known on our planet Urantia.  When this discovery is finally made, then will our physicists feel that they have solved, almost at least, the mystery of matter.  And so will they have approached one step nearer the  Creator;  so will they have mastered one more  phase  of  the  divine  technique;  but in no sense will they have found God, neither will they  have  established the existence of matter or the operation of natural laws apart from the cosmic technique of Paradise and the motivating  purpose of the Universal Father.

     Subsequent to even still greater progress and further discoveries, after our planet Urantia has advance immeasurably in comparison with present knowledge, though we should gain control of the energy revolutions of the electrical units of matter to the extent of modifying their physical  manifestations — even after all such possible progress,  forever will scientists  be powerless to create one atom of matter or to originate one flash of energy or ever to add to matter that which we call life.

     The creation of energy and the bestowal of life are the prerogatives of the Universal Father and his associate Creator personalities.  The river of energy and life is a continuous outpouring from the Deities, the universal and united stream of Paradise force going forth to all space.  The divine energy pervades all creation. The force organizers initiate those changes and institute those modifications of space-force which eventuate in energy; the power directors transmute energy into matter; thus the material worlds are born.  The Life Carriers of the local universes initiate those processes in dead matter which we call life, material life. The Morontia Power Supervisors likewise perform throughout the transition realms between the material and the spiritual worlds.  The higher spirit Creators inaugurate similar processes in divine forms of energy, and there ensue the higher spirit forms of intelligent life.

     Energy proceeds from Paradise, fashioned after the divine order. Energy –­ pure energy — partakes of the nature of the divine organization; it is fashioned after the similitude of the three Gods embraced in one, as they function at the headquarters of the universe of universes.   And all force is circuited in Paradise, comes from the Paradise Presences and returns thereto, and is in essence a manifestation of the uncaused Cause the Universal Father; and without the Father would not anything exist that does exist.

     Force derived from self-existent Deity is in itself ever existent. Force- energy is imperishable, indestructible; these manifestations of the Infinite may be subject to unlimited transmutation, endless transformation, and eternal metamorphosis; but in no sense or degree, not even to the slightest imaginable extent, could they or ever shall they suffer extinction. But energy, though springing from the Infinite, is not infinitely manifest; there are outer limits to the presently conceived master universe.

     Energy is eternal but not infinite; it ever responds to the all-embracing grasp of Infinity. Forever force and energy go on; having gone out from Paradise, they must return thereto, even if age upon age be required for the completion of the ordained circuit. That which is of Paradise Deity origin can have only a Paradise destination or a Deity destiny.

     And all this confirms the revelators’ belief in a circular, somewhat limited, but orderly and far-flung universe of universes.  If this were not true, then evidence of energy depletion at some point would sooner or later appear.  All laws, organizations, administration, and the testimony of universe explorers -­ everything points to the existence of an infinite God but, as yet, a finite universe, a circularity of endless existence, well-nigh limitless but, nevertheless, finite in contrast with infinity.

2.  Universal Nonspiritual Energy Systems  (Physical Energies)

     The revelators conclude it is indeed difficult to find suitable words in the English language whereby to designate and wherewith to describe the various levels of force and energy — physical, mindal, or spiritual. These narratives cannot altogether follow our accepted definitions of force, energy, and power. There is such paucity of language that they must use these terms in multiple meanings. In this presentation, for example, the word energy is used to denote all phases and forms of phenomenal motion, action, and potential, while force is applied to the pre-gravity, and power to the post-gravity, stages of energy.

     The revelators did, however, endeavor to lessen conceptual confusion by suggesting the advisability of adopting the following classification for cosmic force, emergent energy, and universe power — physical energy:

      a.  Space potency. This is the unquestioned free space presence of the Unqualified Absolute. The extension of this concept connotes the universe force­ space potential inherent in the functional totality of the Unqualified Absolute, while the intension of this concept implies the totality of cosmic reality -­ universes which emanate eternitywise from the never-beginning, never-ending, never-moving, never-changing Isle of Paradise.

     The phenomena indigenous to the nether side of Paradise probably embrace three zones of absolute force presence and performance: the fulcral zone of the Unqualified Absolute, the zone of the Isle of Paradise itself, and the intervening zone of certain unidentified equalizing and compensating agencies or functions. These tri-concentric zones are the centrum of the Paradise cycle of cosmic reality.

       Space potency is a pre-reality; it is the domain of the Unqualified Absolute and is responsive only to the personal grasp of the Universal Father, notwithstanding that it is seemingly modifiable by the presence of the Primary Master Force Organizers.

      On Uversa, the capital of our 7th Superuniverse Orvonton, space potency is spoken of as Absoluta.

      b.  Primordial force. This represents the first basic change in space potency and may be one of the nether Paradise functions of the Unqualified Absolute. The revelators know that the space presence going out from nether Paradise is modified in some manner from that which is incoming. But regardless of any such possible relationships, the openly recognized transmutation of space potency into primordial force is the primary differentiating function of the tension-presence of the living Paradise force organizers.

     Passive and potential force becomes active and primordial in response to the resistance afforded by the space presence of the Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers. Force is now emerging from the exclusive domain of the Unqualified Absolute into the realms of multiple response — response to certain primal motions initiated by the God of Action and thereupon to certain compensating motions emanating from the Universal Absolute.   Primordial force is seemingly reactive to transcendental causation in proportion to absoluteness.

     Primordial force is sometimes spoken of as pure energy; on Uversa it is referred to as segregata.

      c.  Emergent energies. The passive presence of the primary force organizers is sufficient to transform space potency into primordial force, and it is upon such an activated space field that these same force organizers begin their initial and active operations. Primordial force is destined to pass through two distinct phases of transmutation in the realms of energy manifestation before appearing as universe power. These two levels of emerging energy are:

           1. Puissant energy.  This is the powerful-directional, mass-movemented, mighty-tensioned, and forcible-reacting energy — gigantic energy systems set in motion by the activities of the primary force organizers.  This primary or puissant energy is not at first definitely responsive to the Paradise-gravity pull though probably yielding an aggregate-mass or space-directional response to the collective group of absolute influences operative from the nether side of Paradise.  When energy emerges to the level of initial response to the circular and absolute-gravity grasp of Paradise, the primary force organizers give way to the functioning of their secondary associates.

           2. Gravity energy.  The now-appearing gravity-responding energy carries the potential of universe power and becomes the active ancestor of all universe matter.  This secondary or gravity energy is the product of the energy elaboration resulting from the pressure-presence and the tension-trends set up by the Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers.  In response to the work of these force manipulators, space-energy rapidly passes from the  puissant to the  gravity  stage, thus becoming directly responsive to the circular grasp of Paradise (absolute) gravity while-disclosing a certain potential for sensitivity to the linear-gravity pull inherent in the soon appearing material mass of the electronic and the post electronic stages of energy and matter. Upon the appearance of gravity response, the Associate Master Force Organizers may retire from the energy cyclones of space provided the Universe Power Directors are assignable to that field of action.

        The revelators are quite uncertain regarding the exact causes of the early stages of force evolution, but they recognize the intelligent action of the Ultimate in both levels of emergent-energy manifestation. Puissant and gravity energies, when regarded collectively are spoke of on Uversa as ultimata.

      d.  Universe Power.  Space-force has been changed into space-energy and thence into the energy of gravity control. Thus has physical energy been ripened to that point where it can be directed into channels of power and made to serve the manifold purposes of the universe Creators. This work is carried on by the versatile directors, centers, and controllers of physical energy in the grand universe the organized and inhabited creations.  These Universe Power Directors assume the more or less complete control of twenty-one of the thirty phases of energy constituting the present energy system of the seven superuniverses. This domain of power-energy-matter is the realm of the intelligent activities of the Sevenfold, functioning under the time-space overcontrol of the Supreme.

         On Uversa the realm of universe power is referred to as gravita.

      e.  Havona energy.  In concept this narrative has been moving Paradiseward as transmuting space-force has been followed, level by level, to the working level of the energy-power of the universes of time and space. Continuing Paradiseward, there is next encountered a pre-existent phase of energy which is characteristic of the central universe. Here the evolutionary cycle seems to turn back upon itself; energy-power now seems to begin to swing back towards force, but force of a nature very unlike that of space potency and primordial force. Havona energy systems are not dual; they are triune. This is the existential energy domain of the Conjoint Actor, functioning in behalf of the Paradise Trinity.

    On Uversa these energies of Havona are known as Triata.

       f.  Transcendental energy. This energy system operates on and from the upper level of Paradise and only in connection with the absonite peoples. On Uversa it is denominated Tranosta.

       g.  Monota.  Energy is close of kin to divinity when it is Paradise energy. The revelators incline to the belief that monota is the living, nonspirit energy of Paradise an eternity counterpart of the living, spirit energy of the Original Son, hence the nonspiritual energy system of the Universal Father.

     The revelators cannot differentiate the nature of Paradise spirit and Paradise monota; they conclude they are apparently alike. They have different names, but they note that we can hardly be told very much about a reality whose spiritual and whose nonspiritual manifestations are distinguishable only by name.

      The revelators know that finite creatures such as ourselves can attain the worship experience of the Universal Father through the ministry of God the Sevenfold and the Thought Adjusters, but they doubt that any subabsolute personality, even power directors, can comprehend the energy infinity of the First Great Source and Center. One thing is certain: If the power directors are conversant with the technique of the metamorphosis of space-force, they do not reveal the secret to the rest of the revelators. It is their opinion that they do not fully comprehend the function of the force organizers.

       These power directors themselves are energy catalyzers; that is, they cause energy to segment, organize, or assemble in unit formation by their presence. And all this implies that there must be something inherent in energy which causes it thus to function in the presence of these power entities.  The Nebadon Melchizedeks long since denominated the phenomenon of the transmutation of cosmic force into universe power as one of the seven “infinities of divinity.”  And that is as far as we will advance on this point during our local universe ascension.

       Notwithstanding the revelators’ inability fully to comprehend the origin, nature, and transmutations of cosmic force, they are fully conversant with all phases of emergent-energy behavior from the times of its direct and unmistakable response to the action of Paradise gravity — about the time of the beginning of the function of the superuniverse power directors.

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