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1.  All praying, whether individual or communal, may be either egotistic or altruistic; that is, the prayer may be centered upon self or upon others.

2. Egotistic prayers involve confessions and petitions and often consist in requests for material favors; whereas prayer is somewhat more ethical when it deals with forgiveness and seeks wisdom for self-control.

3. While the non-selfish type of prayer is strengthening and comforting, materialistic praying is destined to bring disappointment and disillusionment as advancing scientific discoveries demonstrate that man lives in a physical universe of law and order.

4. No prayer can be ethical when the petitioner seeks for selfish advantage over his fellows; in all your praying be fair, do not expect God to show partiality, to love you more than his other children your friends, neighbors, even enemies.

5. Selfish praying transgresses the spirit of all ethics founded on loving justice; selfish and materialistic praying is incompatible with the ethical religions which are predicated on unselfish and divine love.

6. Aside from all that is super-self in the experience of praying, it should be remembered that ethical prayer is a splendid way to elevate one’s ego and reinforce the self for better living and higher attainment.

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