Evolution of an Ideal Statehood

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Evolution of an ideal statehood entails, from level to level, the following progress:

1.) The creation of a threefold government of executive, legislative, and judicial branches.
2.) The freedom of social, political, and religious activities.
3.) The abolition of all forms of slavery and human bondage.
4.) The ability of the citizenry to control the levying of its taxes.
5.) The establishment of universal education. Learning should be extended from the cradle to the grave.
6.) The proper adjustment between local and national governments.
7.) The fostering of science and the conquest of disease.
8.) The due recognition of sex equality; and the coordinated fuctioning of men and women in the home, school, and church, with specialized service of women in industry and government.
9.) The elimination of tailing slavery, by machine invention the subsequent mastery of the machine age.
10.) The conquest od dialects, the triumph of one universal language.
11.) The ending of war, internation adjudication of national and racial differences by continential courts of nations, presided over by a supreme planetary tribunal automatically recruited from the periodically retiring heads of the continental courts. The continential courts, authoritiative; the world court, advisory, moral.
12.) The world-side vogue of the pursuit of wisdom. The exaltation of philosophy. The evolution of a world religion which will presage the entrance of the planet upon the earlier phases of its settlement in “light and life.”

And these are the pre-requisites of a progressive government and the earmarks of an ideal statehood.
It is revealed that we human beings of Urantia are now far from the realization of these exalted ideals, but our civilized races have made a beginning, and such beginnings will, in time, too march our humanity toward higher evolutionary destinies!

Remember, no social system, no political regime which denies the reality of God, can ever contribute in any constructive and lasting manner to the advancement of human civilization. God and mortals need each other, for each is mutually necessary to the full and final attainment of eternal personality experience, in the divine destiny of universe finality.

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