Evolutionary Will Creatures

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There are great differences between the mortals of the different worlds, even among those belonging to the same intellectual and physical types, but all mortals of will-dignity are erect animals, bipeds.

There are six basic evolutionary races: three primary — red, yellow, and blue; and three secondary — orange, green, and indigo.  Most inhabited worlds have all of these races, but many of the three-brained planets harbor only the primary types.  Some local systems also have only these three races.

The average special physical-sense endowment of human beings is twelve, though the special senses of the three-brained mortals are extended slightly beyond those of the one-brained and two-brained types; they can see and hear considerably more than the Urantia races.

Young are usually born singly, multiple births being the exception, and the family life is fairly uniform on all types of planets.  Sex equality prevails on all advanced worlds; male and female are equal in mind endowment and spiritual status.  The revelators do not regard a planet as having emerged from barbarism so long as one sex seeks to tyrannize over the other.  This feature of creature experience is always greatly improved after the arrival of a Material Son and Daughter (Adam and Eve).

Seasons and temperature variations occur on all sun-lighted and sun-heated planets.  Agriculture is universal on all atmospheric worlds; tilling the soil is the one pursuit that is common to the advancing races of all such planets.

Mortals all have the same general struggles with microscopic foes in their early days, such as we now experience on Urantia, though perhaps not so extensive.  The length of life varies on the different planets from twenty-five years on the primitive worlds to near five hundred on the more advanced and older spheres.

Human beings are all gregarious, both tribal and racial.  These group segregations are inherent in their origin and constitution.  Such tendencies can be modified only by advancing civilization and by gradual spiritualization.  The social, economic, and governmental problems of the inhabited worlds vary in accordance with the age of the planets and the degree to which they have been influenced by the successive sojourns of the divine Sons.

Mind is the bestowal of the Infinite Spirit and functions quite the same in diverse environments.  The mind of mortals is akin, regardless of certain structural and chemical differences which characterize the physical natures of the will-creatures of the local systems.  Regardless of personal or physical planetary differences, the mental life of all these various orders of mortals is very similar, and their immediate careers after death are very much alike.

But mortal mind without immortal spirit cannot survive.  The mind of man is mortal; only the bestowed spirit is immortal.  Survival is dependent on spiritualization by the ministry of the Adjuster — on the birth and evolution of the immortal soul; at least, there must not have developed an antagonism towards the Adjuster’s mission of effecting the spiritual transformation of the material mind.

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