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1. Life will become a burden of existence unless you learn how to fail gracefully.

2. There is an art in defeat which noble souls always acquire; you must know how to lose cheerfully; you must be fearless of disappointment.

3. Never hesitate to admit failure; make no attempt to hide failure under deceptive smiles and beaming optimism.

4. It sounds well always to claim success, but the end results are appalling; such a technique leads directly to the creation of a world of unreality and to the inevitable crash of ultimate disillusionment.

5. Success may generate courage and promote confidence, but wisdom comes only from the experiences of adjustment to the results of one’s failure.

6. Men who prefer optimistic illusions to reality can never become wise; only those who face facts and adjust them to ideals can achieve wisdom.

7. Wisdom embraces both the fact and the ideal and therefore saves its devotees from both of those barren extremes of philosophy the man whose idealism excludes facts and the materialistic who is devoid of spiritual outlook.

8. Those timid souls who can only keep up the struggle of life by the aid of continuous false illusions of success are doomed to suffer failure and experience defeat as they ultimately awaken from the dream world of their own imaginations; and it is in facing failure and adjusting to defeat that the far-reaching vision of religion exerts its  supreme influence.

9. Failure is simply an educational episode — a cultural experiment in the acquirement of wisdom — in the experience of the God-seeking man who has embarked on the eternal adventure of the exploration of a universe; to such men defeat is but a new tool for the achievement of higher levels of universe reality.

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