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Personality is the true reality of all selfhood. It persists in spite of a continuous change in all the factor components of ‘self.‘  Thus upon death, your present personality leaves the human mind of you! (To where, it is not known.)

Following death, the material body returns dust to dust”, but the two non-material factors of a surviving personality — the indwelling Spirit Being and the evolving immortal soul persist!

Upon death, the indwelling Spirit Being, with its memory transcription of the mortal’s career (i.e. the duplicate transcription of the spiritual values and morontia meanings indwelt in its human subject’s mind) — proceeds to Divinington (one of the 21 scared spheres encircling Paradise), by way of Uversa (the headquarters of our superuniverse Orvonton), for it’s Uversa where the indwelling Spirit Being reports this information (to Orvonton’s rulers: the “Ancient of Days”) for Judgment of the soul.

Whereas the immortal morontial soul remains safely in the custody of the guardian angel (those little ones who (right now) minister to your mind to guide and watch out for you); for it is these phases and forms of the morontial soul, these once kinetic, but now static formulas of identity — that are essential to the repersonalization of you.

As concerns the Judgment of the soul, its most minute flicker of love survives the continuing life of you (if you so chose); and already does God’s mercy credits far outweigh most acts of sin and evil you may do! (But remember, God don’t like ugly — so all your un-Godlike acts — will certainly come back in some manner to you too!)

After Judgment of the soul, with the soul having chosen to take the Paradise career (or has not been given one true opportunity to decide) there occurs (in the resurrection hall of the first mansion world of our local Satania system) the reunion of the indwelling Spirit Being and the morontial soul. And it is this reunion that reassembles the surviving personality — that reconsciousizes you — at the time of your morontia awakening.

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Resurrection: Reassembling the Personality of You!

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