Paper 1 – The Universal Father

1:6:5 (30.4) Some degree of moral affinity and spiritual harmony is essential to friendship between two persons; a loving personality can hardly reveal himself to a loveless person.

Paper 99 – The Social Problems of Religion

99:4:1 (1089.9) Human friendship and divine religion are mutually helpful and significantly illuminating if the growth in each is equalized and harmonized.

Paper 99 – The Social Problems of Religion

99:6:2 (1092.2) And all live religions encourage human friendship, conserve morality, promote neighborhood welfare, and facilitate the spread of the essential gospel of their respective messages of eternal salvation.

Paper 100 – Religion in Human Experience

100:4:4 (1098.1) If once you understand your neighbor, you will become tolerant, and this tolerance will grow into friendship and ripen into love.

Paper 140 – The Ordination of the Twelve

140:5:17 (1575.2) Mercy here denotes the height and depth and breadth of the truest friendship—loving-kindness.

Paper 159 – The Decapolis Tour

159:3:9 (1766.5) In preaching the gospel of the kingdom, you are simply teaching friendship with God.

Paper 160 – Rodan of Alexandria

160:2:5 (1775.6) These associations of friendship and mutual affection are socializing and ennobling because they encourage and facilitate the following essential factors of the higher levels of the art of living:

160:2.6 (1775.7) 1. Mutual self-expression and self-understanding. Many noble human impulses die because there is no one to hear their expression. Truly, it is not good for man to be alone. Some degree of recognition and a certain amount of appreciation are essential to the development of human character. Without the genuine love of a home, no child can achieve the full development of normal character. Character is something more than mere mind and morals.

Paper 160 – Rodan of Alexandria

160:2:6 (1775.7) Of all social relations calculated to develop character, the most effective and ideal is the affectionate and understanding friendship of man and woman in the mutual embrace of intelligent wedlock. Marriage, with its manifold relations, is best designed to draw forth those precious impulses and those higher motives which are indispensable to the development of a strong character. I do not hesitate thus to glorify family life, for your Master has wisely chosen the father-child relationship as the very cornerstone of this new gospel of the kingdom. And such a matchless community of relationship, man and woman in the fond embrace of the highest ideals of time, is so valuable and satisfying an experience that it is worth any price, any sacrifice, requisite for its possession.

Paper 160 – Rodan of Alexandria

160:2:8 (1776.2) friendship enhances the joys and glorifies the triumphs of life. … One of the crowning glories of human Friendship is this power and possibility of the mutual stimulation of the imagination.

Paper 160 – Rodan of Alexandria

160:4:12 (1779.4) But the noblest of all memories are the treasured recollections of the great moments of a superb friendship.

Paper 161 – Further Discussions with Rodan

161:2:3 (1785.3) His life association with us exemplifies the ideal of human friendship; only a divine being could possibly be such a human friend.

Paper 169 – Last Teaching at Pella

169:2:5 (1854.1) I say to you who profess to be acquiring treasure in heaven: Take lessons from those who make friends with the mammon of unrighteousness, and likewise so conduct your lives that you make eternal friendship with the forces of righteousness in order that, when all things earthly fail, you shall be joyfully received into the eternal habitations.

Paper 172 – Going into Jerusalem

172:3:5 (1881.3) A warrior king always entered a city riding upon a horse; a king on a mission of peace and friendship always entered riding upon an ass.

Paper 180 – The Farewell Discourse

180:1:6 (1945.3) The impulse of friendship transcends all convictions of duty, and the service of a friend for a friend can never be called a sacrifice.

Paper 192 – Appearances in Galilee

192:2:10 (2049.1) Admix friendship with your counsel and add love to your philosophy.

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