God is “All”!

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1.  God is the only stationary, self-­contained, and changeless being in the whole of creation, having no outside, no beyond, no past, and future; God is purposive energy (creative spirit) and absolute will, and these are self-existent.

2.  Since God is self-existent, He is absolutely independent; the very identity of God is inimical to change; “I, the Lord, change not.” God is immutable; and God can modify the manifestations of His absoluteness because divine immutability does not imply immobility.

3.  God is the being of absolute self-­determination; there are no limits to His universe reactions save those which are self-imposed, and His freewill acts conditioned only by those divine qualities and perfect attributes which inherently characterize His eternal nature; there­fore is God related to the universe as the being of final goodness plus a free will of creature infinity.

4.  God is limited in His creative acts only by the sentiments of His eternal nature and by the dictates of His infinite wisdom; God chooses only that which is infinitely perfect.

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God is Everywhere!

God is All-Powerful!

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