God is “Our Father”!


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  1.  “The Infinite is most excellent in that He imparts Himself to men;” every mortal really craves to be a complete person, to be perfect even as the Father in heaven is perfect, and such attainment is possible because in the last analysis, the “universe is truly fatherly.

  2.   In God, the Father freewill performances are not ruled by power, nor are they guided by intellect alone; the divine personality of God is defined as consisting in spirit and manifesting Himself to the total of creation as love!

  3.  Therefore, in all His personal relations with all creature personalities, He is always and consistently a loving Father.

  4.   God is Father in the highest sense of the term; He is eternally motivated by the perfect idealism of divine love, and that tender nature finds it’s strongest expression and greatest satisfaction in loving and being loved.

  5.  The Father deals with His creatures in accordance with their needs and in obedience to His just laws of merciful and loving consideration for the welfare of a universe.

  6.  “The Father’s human children have equal capacity for the reception of material blessings; therefore does He bestow things physical upon the children of men without “

  7.  “The Father caused His rain to fall on the just and the unjust; the sun likewise shines on the righteous and the unrighteous.”

  8.  But “when it comes to the bestowal of spiritual gifts, the Father is limited by man’s capacity for receiving these divine endowments.”

  9.  Though “the Father is no respecter of persons, in the bestowal of spiritual gifts, He is limited by man’s faith and by his willingness always to abide by the Father’s will.”

10.  The law of the universe is:  Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find; and when your will has been truly aligned with His, you can ask anything conceived by that [God-you] will-union, and it will be granted.

11.  To see the Father, by faith, means to acquire true spiritual insight; for spiritual insight enhances Spirit guidance, and these in the end augment God-consciousness.

12.  When you attain the level of Spirit insight and spiritual interpretation which impels you to recognize in the rule of life: to do to others that which you desire others to do to you – the divine command to treat all your fellows as you conceive God would treat them, you will know then that that is the universe ideal of human relationships.

13.  And it is this attitude you shall have toward all such problems when your supreme desire is ever to do the Father’s will.

14.  Every earth child who follows the leading of their indwelling spirit within, shall eventually know the will of God, and he who surrenders to the will of the Father shall abide forever.

15.  If you are a faith-child of the Father, shall strong you shall never die; you not perish. So maintain faith in the Father and complete resignation to the divine will.

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