God is Perfect and He Does Know the All of You!

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It is by virtue of the Spirit Being presence indwelt in your mind that God pre-knows all the perfection of you. And it is through the medium of your mind that He knows all your evil and imperfection too!

God is perfect, and He knows all that is perfect! He is the pre-knowledge of all perfection. But being perfect, He cannot ‘Be’ imperfect nor evil. Nor does He pre-know all evil or imperfection!

lmperfection occurs naturally as a God-seeking personality strives for God-like personality expression; whereas evil is the intentional doing of anything not in accordance with the Self-revelation of the I AM of   God! 

Your motives, thoughts, and actions, are inescapable from the mind of you; for your mind is a medium and functions independent of the ever-changing human consciousness of you! As the mortal human consciousness of your present material human mind, you are imperfect, and potentially evil; and though your personality serves as the vehicle by which you, the imperfect, can communicate with the God, the Perfect — it is through the medium of your mind that God actually knows the evil and imperfection of you! Thus whatever your mind receives, it does transmit to God too!

The infinity of God’s mind is encircuited in the individual mind of each of His limitless galaxy of created personalities-to include the present mind of you, as well as the mind of each of His limitless galaxy of non-spiritual animal kingdoms! Therefore it is through God’s infinity of individual minds that He knows all the evil and imperfection of all!

Animals and humans both possess mind, but it is our gift of personality that gives us human beings a ‘Super-animal’ status. Not only can we pass along knowledge to subsequent generations, we (unlike animals) can survive the inevitability of our impending mortal death!

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