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“Praise be to God, The Creator, Who is All-Powerful and Who rules alone; the Everlasting and Eternal, All-knowing, Who guides His creatures toward the true faith. God transcends everything. There is nothing like Him, nor does He resemble anything; and He cannot be divided or measured. He is free from change, rest, and all limitations of time and space. He does not increase nor does He diminish; He is now as He has always been. He is above heaven, earth, and all creation. He is present everywhere, and He is always nearer to every man, woman, or child than their jugular vein. Nothing is in God, nor can He be contained. God expresses His existence through His creatures.”

Our Universal Father rules alone in the circle of eternity, but He rules in the local universes in the persons of His Paradise Creator Sons, even as He bestows life through these Sons. “God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His sons.” As mortal beings, we simply cannot see God until we achieve completed spirit transformation and attain Paradise, and therefore these Creator Sons of God are the personal expression of God, Himself, in the sectors of time and to all the children of the whirling planets of the evolving universes of space.

In the local creations, God has no personal or residential manifestation aside from the Paradise Creator Sons who are the fathers of the inhabited worlds and the sovereigns of the local universes. The natures of the Paradise Creator Sons do not encompass all the unqualified potentials of the universal absoluteness of the infinite nature of God Himself, but our Universal Father is in every way divinely present in His Creator Sons. Our Father and His Sons are ONE! These Paradise Sons of the order of Michael are perfect personalities, even the pattern for all local universe personality-from that of his executive assistance Gabriel (the Bright and Morning Star, the Executive Director of Michael’s Nebadon domain), down to us, the mortal, the lowest human creature of progressing animal evolution.

The highly personalized Sons of God are clearly discernible by the lower orders of created intelligences, and so do they compensate for the invisibility of our infinite and therefore less discernible Father. These Paradise Creator Sons of our Universal Father are a revelation of His otherwise invisible Being; invisible because of His absoluteness and His infinity inherent in the circle of eternity.

In Nebadon, the name of our local universe, Michael of Nebadon is the Paradise Creator Son. He is the creator of all this local universe of things and beings. And at this very moment he presides as the sovereign creator of this, our present residential universe, and IS the highest expression of God that our presently finite mortal minds can currently comprehend.

Jesus of Nazareth was the mortal bestowal of Michael of Nebadon. When we study the religious life of Jesus, we are in actuality studying the highest expression of God’s absolute and infinite existence in the circle of eternity that we are able to comprehend with our present mortal minds. Therefore, in your study of the religious life of Jesus, view Him positively. Think not so much of his sinlessness as of his righteousness, his loving service. For Jesus (Michael of Nebadon) upstepped the passive love disclosed in the Hebrew concept of our Heavenly Father to the higher active and creature-loving affection of God Who is the Father of every individual, even the wrongdoer.

The Son of God (Michael of Nebadon) and the Son of Man (Jesus of Nazareth) did not attack the teachings of the Hebrew prophets or the Greek moralists. He recognized the many good things which these great teachers stood for, but he had come down to earth to teach something additional: “the voluntary conformity of our mortal will to our Father’s will” — to know Him, to love Him, and to be like Him in our individual sphere of existence — as He is Perfect in all creation.

Jesus did not want simply to produce a religious person, a mortal wholly occupied with religious feelings and actuated only by spiritual impulses. Could we have had but one look at Him, we would have known that Jesus in this respect has grossly been perverted and much misrepresented all down through the centuries of the Christian era. We have also held perverted ideas about his meekness and humility. What he aimed at in his life appears to have been a superb self-respect.

He only advised us to humble ourselves that we might become truly exalted; what he really aimed at was bringing forth our true humility toward God, the Spiritual Father of us all. He placed great value upon sincerity — a pure heart. Fidelity was a cardinal virtue in his estimate of character, while courage was the very heart of his teachings. “Fear not” was his watchword, and patient endurance his ideal of strength of character. The teachings of Jesus constitute a religion of valor, courage, and heroism. And this is just why he chose as his personal representatives twelve commonplace men, the majority of whom were rugged, virile, and manly fishermen.

We, as did his apostles, should the better understand Jesus’ teachings by the study of his actual life. He lived a perfected life on our world and his unique teachings can only be understood when that life is visualized in its immediate background. It is his life, and not his lessons to the twelve or his sermons to the multitudes, that will assist you most in revealing our Father’ s loving personality and divine character.

Creatorship is hardly an attribute of God; it is rather the aggregate of His acting nature. And this universal function of creatorship is eternally manifested as it is conditioned and controlled by all the coordinated attributes of the infinite and divine reality of God Himself. It is sincerely doubted whether any one characteristic of His divine nature can be regarded as being antecedent to the others; but if such were the case, then the creatorship nature of Deity would take precedence over all other natures, activities, and attributes. And the creatorship of Deity culminates in the universal truth of the Fatherhood of God.

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