God’s Limitlessness

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The successive bestowal of Himself upon the universes, as they are brought into being, in no wise lessens His potential of power or His store of wisdom. In potential of force, wisdom, and love, our Father has never lessened aught of His possession nor become divested of any attribute of His glorious personality as the result of His unstinted bestowal upon all creation.

The creation of every new universe calls for new adjustments; but even if creation should continue indefinitely, eternally, even to infinity, so that eventually it would exist without limitations, still would our Father’s limitless force and power be found equal to, and adequate for, its mastery, control, and coordination by God. And subsequent to this bestowal of limitless force and power upon a boundless universe, our Father would still be surcharged with the same degree of force and energy; our Universal Father would still be undiminished; God would still possess the same infinite potential, just as if force, energy, and power had never been poured forth for the endowment of universe upon universe.

And so with wisdom: the fact that mind is so freely distributed to the thinking of the realms in no wise impoverishes His central source to divine wisdom. As the universes multiply, and beings of the realms increase in number to the limits of comprehension, if mind continues without end to be bestowed upon the beings of high and low estate, still will our Father’s central personality continue to embrace the same eternal, infinite, and all-wise mind.

Concomitantly, the fact that He sends forth spirit messengers (the indwelling Spirit Being Thought Adjusters) from Himself to indwell the minds of this world, and the minds of other worlds, in no wise lessens His ability to function as a divine and all-powerful spirit personality; and there is absolutely no limit to the extent or number of such spirit Adjusters which He can and may send out.

This giving of Himself to His creatures creates a boundless, almost inconceivable future possibility of progressive and successive existences for all of us divinely endowed mortals. And this prodigal distribution of Himself (in the form of these ministering spirit entities) in no manner diminishes the wisdom and perfection of truth and knowledge which repose in the person of our all-wise, all-knowing, and all-powerful Father.

To us mortals of time, now living on this universe of space, there is a future; but our Father inhabits eternity. Whereas infinity of mind (alone) can only fully comprehend His infinity of existence, and His eternity of action, we obviously cannot think through such an absolute truth. But as a finite human being, we can actually – literally experience – the full and undiminished impact of our infinite Father’s love! Such a love can be truly experienced. Though the quantity of such an experience is strictly limited by our human capacity for spiritual   receptivity   and   by the associated capacity to love our Father in return, the quality of the experience is unlimited!

Our finite appreciation of our Father’s infinite qualities far transcend the logically limited capacities of our current lowly creature selves. The fact we are made in the image of God inherently factualizes that within (us) there actually lives a fragment of God Himself; which concludes that our nearest and dearest approach to God is not from any perspective of the logically limited capacities of our creature selves, but is by and through the transcendental perspective of love! Thus to love God is the great challenge of our existence. And all such unique individual relationships are actual experiences in cosmic sociology – the Creator-creature relations; the Father-child affection.

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