God’s Primacy

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Our Universal Father, with divine selflessness and consummate generosity, relinquishes authority and delegates power. But still He is primal; His hand is on the mighty lever of the circumstances of His universal realms; He has reserved all final decisions and unerringly wields the all-powerful veto scepter of His eternal purpose with unchallengeable authority over the welfare and destiny of all His outstretched, whirling, and ever-circling creation.

The sovereignty of our Father is unlimited; it is the fundamental fact of all creation. The universe was not inevitable. The universe is not an accident. Neither is it self-existent. The universe is a work of creation and is therefore wholly subject to the will of our Father, the ultimate Creator of all!

All our religious philosophy, sooner or later, arrive at the concept of unified universe rule by one God. Universe causes cannot be lower than universe effects. The source of the streams of universe life and of the cosmic mind must be above the levels of manifestation. Our human mind cannot be consistently explained in terms of the lower orders of existence. Our mind can be truly comprehended only by recognizing the reality of higher orders of thought and purposive will. We as mortal beings of time are inexplicable unless the reality of our Universal Father is acknowledged.

The very fact that a human materialist can deny the existence of supermaterial realities, in and of itself demonstrates the presence, and indicates the working of, spirit synthesis and cosmic consciousness in his or her mind.

The mechanistic philosopher professes to reject the idea of a universal and sovereign will; the very sovereign will whose activity (in the elaboration of universe laws) he so deeply reverences. What unintended homage the mechanist pays our law-Creator when he conceives such laws to be self-acting and self-explanatory!

It is a great blunder to humanize God. It is a blunder except in the concept of the reality that a fragment of His spirit actually indwells the same mind that attempts to humanize Him. But even this blunder is not so stupid as to completely mechanize the idea of God Himself.

God, the infinite and eternal Ruler of all creation, is power, form, energy, process, pattern, principle, presence, and idealized reality. But God is even more: He is personal; He exercises a sovereign will, experiences self-consciousness of divinity, executes the mandates of a creative mind, pursues the satisfaction of the realization of an eternal purpose, and manifests a Father’s love and affection for all of· us — His universe children of time. Our Father loves, serves, and inspires us — and all His other universe children — to the ever-ascending adventure of finding Him!

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