God’s Thought Controls All Creation

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God eternally controls the total of all creation through the infinity of His four absolute gravity circuits: personality, spirit, mind, and physical (energy-matter) materialization; and all proceed from the central Paradise location of Him.

All thought originates, results of, the freewill volition of decision-choice–in personality, by Spirit, through the function of mind-becoming a real creation through the manipulation of the physical gravity circuit of materialization. However, all thought is dimensioned by the eternal reality that it is only God “Self-revealing the Eternal I AM actualization of His Infinite inherent potentials in All” —   that actually has Eternal value in total creation. Thus, all thought other than the Eternal thoughts of God–to include the purely selfish thoughts of you – simply have no means to survive an Eternity! – thereby, becoming (in time) a “tragic illusion.”

Concluding, all real creations having potentially Eternal value – being a result of, and originating in, God’s Eternal thoughts — God ‘s Eternal thought does control all creation!

You are potentially an eternally real creation of (just) one crystallized Eternal thought of God — in His Self-revealing the Eternal I AM actualization of His infinite inherent potential in All.  You are thus (right now) evolving (if you so choose) to eternally ‘be’ the real (God-child) creation ‘actualizing’ this one Eternal God-thought of you!  And do remember: God is love; so doing what you truly love to do – is living and discovering the reality of just why God eternally created you!

As concerns the totality of the (one) God-thought of you, you are as experimental God! And upon the replete perfection of you, you shall eternally ‘Be’ as Him, as concerns the totality of the one God-thought of you — throughout almost infinity of living. So it will then be: whenever and wherever God shall eternally have the need of the (one) God-thought of you, to be a real creation expression in any of the total of creation, it shall eternally ‘be’ you — He shall commune directly — to actually represent and ‘Be’ as Him!

Congratulations!!! You are living intelligence, evolving to eternally ‘function’ – doing what you truly love to do!  And (right now) your most glorious, personal, and individual Paradise Home is awaiting your eternal survival!

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