Gravity and Mind Types

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  1. Universal Gravity
  2. The Personality-Gravity Circuit
  3. The Spirit-Gravity Circuit
  4. The Spirit Mind
  5. The Mind-Gravity Circuit
  6. The Absolute Mind
  7. The Cosmic Mind
  8. The Ministry of Mind
  9. The Human Mind
  10. Human Paradox
  11. Universe Mechanisms

      1.  Universal Gravity

All forms of force-energy material, mindal, or spiritual are alike subject to those grasps, those universal presences, which is called gravity. Personality also is responsive to gravity to God, the Father’s exclusive personality circuit; but though this circuit is exclusive to the Father, he is not excluded from the other circuits material, mind, and spiritual. The Universal Father is infinite and acts over all four (total) absolute-gravity circuits in the total of all creation:

  1. The Personality Gravity
  2. The Spirit Gravity
  3. The Mind Gravity
  4. The Cosmic (matter-energy) Gravity.

Any and all things responding to the personality-gravity circuit, is called personal. Any and all things responding to the spirit-gravity circuit, is called spirit. Any and all that responds to the mind gravity circuit, is called mind. Any and all that responds to the cosmic (material) -gravity circuit, centering in nether (lower) Paradise, is called matter-energy matter in all its metamorphic states. These four circuits are neither force, energy, nor power circuits. They are absolute presence circuits and like God are independent of time and space.

Much as the Father, the First Source and Center, draws all personality to himself, it is through his creator associates does he attract all spiritual reality, and exercise a drawing power on all mind; and through the lower Isle of Paradise, center all physical (energy-matter) material. Thus, it is the Second Source and Center, the Eternal Son (not to be confused with the Son of God, Jesus Christ), who operates directly upon the fundamental values of spirit existence, and the mind gravity of the Third Source and Center, the Infinite Spirit the Conjoint Actor unerringly clutches all vital meanings of intellectual existence.

And so, it is, as Paradise gravity grasps all the basic units of material existence, and is circuited in lower Paradise, as all mind is circuited in the Conjoint Actor, and all spirit in the Eternal Son, so is all personality circuited in the personal presence of the Universal Father, and this circuit unerringly transmits the worship of all personalities to the Original and Eternal Personality — God Himself.

  1.  The Personality-Gravity Circuit

The personality circuit of the total of creation is centered in the person of God Himself, the Universal Father the First Source and Center of all creation; and the Paradise Father is therefore personally conscious of, and in personal touch with, all personalities of all levels of self-conscious existence yes, to include you!  Through the personality circuit the Father is cognizant has personal knowledge — of all the thoughts and acts of all the beings in the total of all creation. And this personality consciousness of all creation exists quite independent of the mission of the nucleus indwelling Spirit — the Thought Adjuster.

Selfhood of personality dignity, human or divine, immortal or potentially immortal (as we are), does not originate in either spirit, mind, or matter; it is the bestowal of God Himself. Neither is the interaction of spirit, mind, and material gravity a prerequisite to the appearance of personality gravity. God’s personality circuit may embrace a mind-material being who is unresponsive to spirit gravity, or it may include a mind-spirit being who is unresponsive to material gravity. The operation of personality gravity is always a volitional act of God by himself. No entity has personality unless they are endowed with it by God, who is spirit. The Father bestows personality by his personal free will. Personality is designed and bestowed by the Universal Father (only)!

Personality of our finite-creature variety is characterized by:  Subjective self-consciousness.  Objective response to the Father’s personality circuit.  While mind is energy associated in purely material beings and spirit associated in purely spiritual personalities, innumerable orders of personality, including ours, possess minds that are associated with both energy and spirit. The spiritual aspects of creature mind unfailingly respond to the spirit-gravity pull; the material features respond to the gravity urge of the material universe. Whereas the greater the spirit-energy divergence, the greater the observable function of mind; the lesser the diversity of energy and spirit, the lesser the observable function of mind. Morontia is a term designating a vast level intervening between the material and spiritual. It may designate personal or impersonal realities, living or nonliving energies. The warp of morontia is spiritual; its woof is physical.

Personality is a level of deified reality and ranges from the mortal level of the higher mind activation of worship and wisdom up through the morontial and spiritual to the attainment of finality of personality status. On attained experiential levels of personality orders or values are associable and even cocreational. Even God and human beings can coexist in a unified personality.

The Universal Father is the secret of the reality of personality, the bestowal of personality, and the destiny of personality. The Eternal is the absolute personality, the secret of spiritual energy, morontia spirits, and perfected spirits. The Conjoint Actor is the spirit-mind personality, the source of intelligence, reason, and the universal mind. But the Isle of Paradise is nonpersonal and extraspiritual, being the essence of the universal body, the source and center of physical matter, and the absolute master pattern of universal material reality. While metamorphic range of nonpersonal reality is definitely limited, the revelators of these eternal truths know of no limitations to the progressive evolution of personality realities.

Our Urantian human experience of these qualities of universal realities are manifest on the following levels:

  1. Body. The material or physical organism of the human being. The living electro-chemical mechanism of animal nature and origin.
  2. Mind. The thinking, perceiving, and feeling mechanism of human organism. The total conscious and unconscious experience. The intelligence associated with the emotional life reaching upward through worship and wisdom to the spirit level.
  3. Spirit. The divine spirit that indwells the human mind the Thought Adjuster. This immortal spirit is prepersonal not a personality, though destined to become a part of the personality of the surviving mortal creature.
  4. Soul. The soul of the human being is an experiential acquirement. As a mortal creature chooses to “do the will of the Father in heaven, so the indwelling spirit becomes the father of a new reality in human experience. The mortal and material mind is the mother of this same emerging reality. The substance of this reality is thus neither material nor spiritual it is morontial. This is the emerging and immortal soul which is destined to survive mortal death and begin the Paradise ascension to God.

The personality of the mortal human is neither body, mind, nor spirit; neither is it soul. Personality is the one changeless reality in an otherwise ever-changing creature experience; and it unifies all other associated factors of individuality. The personality is the unique bestowal which the Universal Father makes upon the living and associated energies of matter, mind, and spirit, and which survives the survival of the morontial soul.

There are no personalities of “pure mind”; no entity has personality unless they are endowed with it by God who is spirit. Any mind entity that is not associated with either spiritual or physical energy is not a personality. But in the same sense that there are spirit personalities who have mind, there are mind personalities who have spirit.

As for us human beings, God lives in every one of us. We all have access to him. This refers to the personality circuit, wherever, whenever, and however contacted or otherwise entails personal, self-conscious contact and communion with the Universal Father. God has reserved the prerogative of maintaining direct and parental contact with all personal beings through the personality circuit.

  1.  The Spirit—Gravity Circuit

 As God Himself is the First Source and Center of all creation, his Eternal Son is the Second Source and Center. Everything taught concerning the immanence of God, his omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience, is equally true of the Son in the spiritual domain.  The pure. and universal spirit gravity of all creation, this exclusively spiritual circuit, leads directly back to the person of the Eternal Son. He presides over the control and operation of that ever-present and unerring spiritual grasp of all true spirit values. Thus, does the Eternal Son exercise absolute spiritual sovereignty.  He literally holds all spirit realities and all spirtualized values, as it were, in the hollow of his hand. The control of universal spiritual gravity is universal spiritual sovereignty.

This gravity control of spiritual things operates independently of time and space; therefore, is spirit energy undiminished in transmission. Spirit gravity never suffers time delays, nor does it undergo space diminution. It does not decrease. in accordance with the square of the distance of its transmission; the circuits of pure spirit power are not retarded by the mass of the material creation.

Spirit realities respond to the drawing power of the center of spiritual gravity in accordance with their qualitative value, their actual degree of spirit nature. Spirit substance (quality) is just as responsive to spirit gravity as the organized energy of physical matter (quantity) is responsive to physical gravity. Spiritual values and spirit forces are real. From the viewpoint of personality, spirit is the soul of creation; mat tor is the shadowy physical body. Every time a spiritual reality actualizes in creation, this change necessitates the immediate and instantaneous readjustment of spirit gravity.

Spirit gravity pull and response thereto operate not only on the universe as a whole but also even between individuals and groups of individuals. There is a spiritual cohesiveness among the spiritual and spirit 1 zed personalities of any world, race, or nation, or believing group of individuals. There is a direct attractiveness of a spirit nature between spiritually minded persons of like tastes and longings. The term kindred spirits is not wholly a figure of speech.

The spirit-gravity circuit is the basic channel for transmitting the genuine prayers of the believing human heart from the level of human consciousness to the actual consciousness of Deity; it literally pulls the soul of the human being Paradiseward. That which represents true spiritual value in your petitions will be seized by the universal circuit of spirit gravity and will pass immediately and simultaneously to all divine personalities concerned. Each will occupy himself with that which belongs to his personal providence.

The discriminative operation of the spirit-gravity circuit might possibly be compared to the functions of the neural circuits in the material human body: Sensations travel inward over the neural paths; some are detained and responded to by the lower automatic. spinal centers; others pass on to the less automatic but habit-trained centers of the lower brain, while the most important and vital incoming messages flash by these subordinate centers and are immediately registered in the highest levels of human consciousness.

But how much more perfect is the superb technique of the spiritual world! If anything originates in your consciousness that is fraught with supreme spiritual value, when once you give it expression, no power in the universe can prevent its flashing directly to the Absolute Spirit Personality of all creation.

Conversely, if your supplications are purely material and wholly self-centered, there exists no plan whereby such unworthy prayers can find lodgment in the spirit circuit of the Eternal Son the Absolute Spirit Personality of all creation. The content of any petition which is not “spirit indited” can find no place in the universal spiritual circuit; such purely selfish and material requests fall dead; they do not ascend in the circuits of the true spirit values. Such words are as “sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal.

It is the motivating thought, the spiritual content, that validates the mortal supplication. Words are valueless.

  1. Spirit Mind

 Mortals perceive mind on the finite, cosmic, material, and personal levels. Humans also observe mind phenomena in living organisms functioning on the subpersonal (animal) level, but it is difficult for mortals to grasp the nature of mind when associated with supermaterial beings and as a part of exclusive spirit personalities. Mind must, however, be differently defined when it refers to the spirit level of existence, and when it is used to denote spirit functions of intelligence. That kind of mind which is directly allied with spirit is comparable neither to that mind which co-ordinates spirit and matter nor to that mind which is allied only with matter. The Eternal Son is spirit and has mind, but not a mind or a spirit which mortals can comprehend.

Spirit is ever conscious, minded, and possessed of varied phases of identity. Without mind in some phase there would be no spiritual consciousness in the fraternity of spirit beings. The equivalent of mind, the ability to know and be known, is indigenous to Deity. Deity may be personal, prepersonal, superpersonal, or impersonal, but Deity is never mindless, that is, never without the ability at least to communicate with similar entities, beings, or personalities.

The mind of the Eternal Son is like that of the Father but unlike any other mind in the universe, and with the mind of the Father, it is ancestor to the diverse and far-flung minds of the Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor. And these minds of the Father and the Son, intellect which is ancestral to the absolute mind of the Third Source and Center, the Infinite Spirit, is perhaps best illustrated in the premind of a Thought Adjuster, for, though these Father fragments are entirely outside the mind circuits of the Conjoint Actor, they do have some form of premind; they know as they are known; they do enjoy the equivalent of human thinking.

The Eternal Son is wholly spiritual, we mortals are very nearly entirely material; therefore, much pertaining to the spirit personality of the Eternal Son will have to wait our attainment of spirit status following our completion of the morontia (immortal) ascension of our local universe career, which begins upon our resurrection from mortal death.

  1. The Mind Gravity Circuit

The Third Source and Center, the Infinite Spirit, the Universal Intelligence, is personally conscious of every mind, every intellect, in all creation, and he maintains a personal and perfect contact with all mortal, immortal, and spiritual creatures of mind endowment in the far-flung universes. All these activities of mind are grasped in the absolute mind-gravity circuit which focalizes in the Third Source and Center and is a part of the personal consciousness of the Infinite Spirit. As regards mind, he unqualifiedly dominates and controls the universal mind circuit. All true and genuine intellectual values, all divine thoughts and perfect ideas, are unerringly drawn into this absolute circuit of mind.

Mind gravity can operate independently of material and spiritual gravity, but wherever and whenever the latter two impinge, mind gravity always functions. When all three are associated, personality gravity  may embrace the material creature; but irrespective of this, the endowment of mind even in Impersonal beings qualifies them to think and endows them with consciousness despite the total absence of personality.

Cosmic mind, the controlling mind of time operational in space, when not associated with either energy or spirit, is subject to the gravity demands of neither material nor spiritual circuits. Pure mind is close of kin to infinite mind and is subject only to the universal grasp of the Conjoint Actor. And infinite mind (the theoretical coordinate of the absolutes of spirit and energy) is apparently a law in itself. And again, the greater the spirit-energy divergence, the greater the observable function of mind; the lesser the diversity of energy and spirit, the lesser the observable function of mind. Apparently, the maximum function of the cosmic mind is in time universes of space. Here mind seems to function in a mid-zone between energy and spirit, but this is not true of the higher (transcending time) levels of mind; and on Paradise, energy and spirit are essentially one!

  1.  Absolute Mind

The absolute mind is the mind of the Third Source and Center; it is the inseparable from the personality of God the Spirit, the Infinite Spirit. As the Absolute Mind, he is the source of the endowment of intellect throughout the universes. As the God of Action, he is the apparent ancestor of motion, change, and relationship.

Mind, in functioning beings, is not separated from energy or spirit, or both. Mind is not inherent in energy; energy is receptive and responsive to mind; mind can be superimposed upon energy, but consciousness is not inherent in the purely material level. Mind does not have to be added to pure spirit, for spirit is innately conscious and identifying. Spirit is always intelligent, minded in some way. It may be this mind or that mind, it may be premind or supermind, even spirit mind, but it does the equivalent of thinking and knowing. The insight of spirit transcends, supervenes, and theoretically antedates the consciousness of mind.

     The Conjoint Actor is absolute only in the domain of mind, in the realms of universal intelligence. The mind of the Third Source and Center is infinite; it utterly transcends the active and functioning mind circuits of the total of creation. The mind endowment of the seven superuniverses of time and space is derived from the Seven Master Spirits, the primary personalities of the Conjoint Actor. These Master Spirits distribute mind to time and space as the cosmic mind; and our local universe Nebadon is pervaded by the Nebadon variant of our seventh superuniverse, Orvonton, type of cosmic mind.

Infinite mind ignores time, ultimate mind transcends time,  cosmic mind is conditioned by time. And so, with space: The Infinite Mind is independent of space, but as descent is made from the infinite to that of our lower human mind, intellect must increasingly reckon with the fact and limitations of space.

Cosmic force responds to mind even as cosmic mind responds to spirit. Spirit is divine purpose, and spirit mind is divine purpose in action. Energy is thing, mind is meaning, spirit is value. Even in time and space, mind establishes those relative relationships between energy and spirit which are suggestive of mutual kinship in eternity. Mind transmutes the values of spirit into meanings of intellect; volition has power to bring the meanings of mind to fruit in both the material and spiritual domains. The Paradise ascent involves a relative and differential growth in spirit, mind, and energy. The personality is the unifier of these components of experiential individuality.

  1.  Cosmic Mind

The infinite and universal mind is ministered in the universes of time and space as the cosmic mind. The circuits of the cosmic mind influence the intellectual levels of all known existence. The fact of the cosmic mind explains the kinship of various types of human and superhuman minds. Not only are kindred spirits attracted to each other, but kindred minds are also very fraternal and inclined towards co-operation, the one with the other. Human minds are sometimes observed to be running in channels of astonishing similarity and inexplicable agreement,

There exists in all personality associations of the cosmic mind a quality which might be denominated the “reality response. It is this universal cosmic endowment of will creatures, such as ourselves which saves us from becoming helpless victims of the implied a priori assumptions of science, philosophy, and religion. This reality sensitivity of the cosmic mind responds to certain phases of reality just as energy-material responds to gravity. It would be still more correct to say that these supermaterial realities so respond to the mind of the cosmos.

The cosmic mind unfailingly responds (recognizes response) on three levels of universe reality. These responses are self-evident to clear-reasoning and deep-thinking minds. These levels of reality are:

      1. Causation the reality domain of the physical senses, the scientific realms of logical uniformity, the differentiation of the factual and the non-factual, reflective conclusions based on cosmic response. This is the mathematical form of the cosmic discrimination.

  1.  Duty the reality domain of morals in the philosophic realm, the arena of reason, the recognition of relative right and wrong. This is the judicial form of the cosmic discrimination. reflective thinking. But it is sad to record that so few persons on our planet Urantia take delight in cultivating these qualities of courageous and independent cosmic thinking.

     On our planet, these three insights of the cosmic mind constitute the a priori assumptions which make it possible for us to function as a rational and self-conscious personality in the realms of science, philosophy, and religion. Stated otherwise, the recognition of the reality of these three manifest ions of the Infinite is by a cosmic technique of self-revelation. Matter-energy is recognized by the mathematical Logic of the senses; mind-reason intuitively knows its moral duty; spirit-faith (worship) is the religion of the reality of spiritual experience. These three basic factors in reflective thinking may be unified and coordinated in personality development, or they may become disproportionate and virtually unrelated in their respective functions. But when they become unified, they produce a strong character consisting in the correlation of a factual science, a moral philosophy, and a genuine religious experience. And it is these three cosmic intuitions that give objective validity, reality, to the human being’s experience in and with things, meanings, and values.

It is the purpose of education to develop and sharpen these innate endowments of the human mind; of civilization to express them; of life experience to realize them; of religion to ennoble them; and of personality to unify them.

The finite universe of matter would eventually become uniform and deterministic but for the combined presence of mind and spirit. The influence of the cosmic mind constantly injects spontaneity into even the material worlds.  Freedom or initiative in any realm of existence is directly proportional to the degree of spiritual influence and cosmic-mind control; that is, in human experience, the degree of the actuality of doing “the Father’ s will.”  The source of the streams of universe life and of the cosmic mind must be above the levels of their manifestation. The human mind cannot be consistently explained in terms of the lower orders of existence. The human mind can be truly comprehended only by recognizing the reality of higher orders of thought and purposive will. The human being as a moral being is inexplicable unless the reality of the Universal Father is acknowledged. And so, when you once start out to find God, that is the conclusive proof that God has already found you.

  1.  Ministry of Mind

The Infinite Spirit, the Third Source and Center is infinite in mind. If the universe should grow to infinity, still his mind potential would be adequate to endow limitless numbers of creatures with suitable minds and other prerequisites of intellect.

In the domain of created mind, the Third Person, with his coordinate and subordinate associates, rules supreme. The realms of creature mind are of exclusive origin in the Third Source and Center; he is the bestower of mind. Even the indwelling spirit Father fragments find it impossible to indwell the minds of mortals until the way has been properly prepared for us by the mind action and spiritual function of the Infinite Spirit.

The unique feature of mind is that it can be bestowed upon such a wide range of life. Through his creative and creature associates, the Third Source and Center ministers to all minds on all spheres. Everlasting ministry to mind is the essence of the Spirit’s divine character This desire to minister, this divine urge to service. The Spirit• is love applied to the creature creation showing forth the combined mercy, patience, and everlasting affection of a divine parent towards the intelligent children of his co-operative devising and making.

The spirit personalities of the vast family of the Divine and Infinite Spirit are forever dedicated to the service of the ministry of the love of God and the mercy of the Son to all the intelligent creatures of the evolutionary worlds of time and space. These spirit beings constitute the living ladder whereby mortals climb from chaos to glory. And always is the direction of mind a ministry of mind spirit or mind energy personalities.

The reality of the Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor, is the ancestor of the cosmic mind, and the mind of mortal beings is an individualized circuit, an impersonal portion, of that cosmic mind as it is bestowed in a local universe. Because the Third Person is the source of mind, do not presume to reckon that all phenomena of mind are divine. Human intellect is rooted in the material origin of the animal races. Universe intelligence is no more a true revelation of God who is mind than is physical nature a true revelation of the beauty and harmony of Paradise. Perfection is in nature, but nature is not perfect. The Conjoint Creator, the Infinite Spirit, is the source of mind, but mind is not the ‘Conjoint Creator.

The Third Source and Center assists in the maintenance of the equilibrium and co-ordination of the combined physical and spiritual energies and organizations by the absoluteness of his grasp of the cosmic mind and by the exercise of his inherent and universal physical- and spiritual-gravity complements. Whenever and wherever there occurs a liaison between the material and the spiritual, such a   mind phenomena is an act of the Infinite Spirit. Mind alone can interassociate the physical forces and energies of the material level with the spiritual powers and beings of the spirit level.

So, in all your contemplation of universal phenomena, make certain that you take into consideration the interrelation of physical, intellectual, and spiritual energies, and that due allowance is made for the unexpected phenomena attendant upon their unification by personality.

The eternal quest is for unification, for divine coherence. The far-flung physical universe coheres in the Isle of Paradise; the intellectual universe coheres in the God of Mind, the Third Source and Center, the Infinite Spirit; the spiritual universe is coherent in the personality of the Second Source and Center, the Eternal Son. But all of us isolated mortals of time and space cohere in God the Father, the First Source and Center, through the direct relationship between the indwelling Thought Adjuster and the Universal Father. Your Adjuster now indwelling your mind is a fragment of God and everlastingly seeks for divine unification; it coheres with, and in, the Paradise Deity of the First Source and Center God Himself!

  1.  Human Mind

Material evolution has provided you a life machine, your human body. God has endowed you with the purest spirit reality known in the total of all creation, your indwelling spirit the Thought Adjuster. But into your hands, subject to your own decisions, has been given mind, and it is by mind that you live or die. Mortal mind is a temporary intellect system loaned to human beings for use during this, our material (mortal) lifetime, and as you use this mind, you are either accepting or rejecting the potential of your eternal existence. For it is within mind and with mind that you make those moral decisions which enable you to achieve your indwelling spirit’ s likeness, and that is Godlikeness.

Mind is the indispensable channel of communication between spiritual and material realities. We human beings, being material evolutionary creatures, can thus conceive and comprehend the indwelling spirit only by the ministry of mind. Mind is a phenomenon connoting the presence-activity of living ministry, in addition to varied energy systems; and this is true on all levels of intelligence.

Throughout the mind functions of cosmic intelligence, the totality of mind is dominant over the parts of intellectual function. Mind, in its essence, is functional unity; therefore, does mind never fail to manifest this constitutive unity, even when hampered and hindered by the unwise actions and choices of a misguided self. And this unity of mind invariably seeks for spirit co-ordination on all levels of its association with selves of will dignity and ascension prerogatives, such as ourselves. In personality, mind ever intervenes between spirit and matter; therefore, is the universe illuminated by three kinds of light: material Light, intellectual insight, and spirit luminosity. The ability to learn, memory and differential response to environment, is the endowment of mind. The reserve powers of human nature are stored and conserved in the unconscious realms of the human mind. But the human mind is not an organic part of the human body. It exists not within the confines of a single physical organ. But the physical brain with its associated nervous system possesses innate capacity for response to mind ministry.

The human mind may perform in response to so-called inspiration when it is sensitive either to the uprisings of the subconscious or to the stimulus of the superconscious. In either case it appears to the individual that such augmentations of the content of consciousness are more or less foreign. Too often, all too often, we mar our minds by insincerity and sear them with unrighteousness; we subject them to animal fear and distort them by useless anxiety. Therefore, though the source of mind is divine, mind as we know it on our world can hardly become the object of great admiration, much less of adoration or worship. The contemplation of the immature and inactive human intellect should lead only to reactions of humility.

Mind, on our planet Urantia, is a compromise between the essence of thought perfection and the evolving mentality of our immature human nature. The plan for our intellectual evolution is, indeed, one of sublime perfection, but we are far short of that divine goal as we function here in the tabernacles of our flesh. Mind is truly of divine origin, and it does have a divine destiny, but our mortal minds are not yet of divine dignity.

      10.  Human Paradox

Many of the temporal troubles of mortals grow out of our twofold relation to the cosmos. We are a part of nature we exist in nature and yet we are able to transcend nature. Our ability to transcend ourselves is the one thing which distinguishes us from the animal kingdom. Mortals are finite, but we are indwelt by a spark of infinity.  Such a dual situation not only provides the potential for evil but also engenders many social and moral situations fraught with much uncertainty and not a little anxiety.

The courage required to affect the conquest of nature and to transcend one’s self is a courage that might succumb to the temptations of self-pride. The mortal who can transcend self might yield to the temptation to deify their own self-consciousness. The mortal dilemma consists in the double fact that we are in bondage to nature while at the same time we possess a unique liberty freedom of spiritual choice and action. On material levels, we mortals find ourselves subservient to nature, while on spiritual levels we are able to triumphant over nature and over all things temporal and finite. Such a paradox is inseparable from temptation, potential evil, decisional errors, and when self becomes proud and arrogant, sin may evolve.

The problem of sin is not self-existent in our finite world. The fact of finiteness is not evil or sinful. The finite world was made by an infinite Creator it is the handiwork of his divine Sons and therefore it must be good. It is the misuse, distortion, and perversion of the finite that gives origin to evil and sin.

      11. Universe Mechanisms

In the evaluation and recognition of mind it should be remembered that the universe is neither mechanical nor magical; it is a creation of mind and a mechanism of law. But while in practical application the laws of nature operate in what seems to be the dual realms of the physical and the spiritual, in reality they are one.

The First Source and Center is the primal cause of all materialization and at the same time the first and final Father of all spirits. The Paradise Father appears personally in the universes of time and space only as pure energy and pure spirit as the Thought Adjusters and other similar fragmentations.

Mechanisms do not absolutely dominate the total creation; total creation in toto is mind planned, mind made, and mind administered. But the divine mechanism of total creation is altogether too perfect for the scientific methods of the finite mind of humans to discern even a trace of the dominance of the infinite mind. For this creating, controlling, and upholding mind is neither material mind nor creature mind; it is spirit-mind functioning on and from creator levels of divine reality.

The ability to discern and discover mind in universe mechanisms depends entirely on the ability, scope, and capacity of the investigating mind engaged in such a task of observation. Time-space minds, organized out of the energies of time and space, are subject to the mechanisms of time and space.

Motion and universe gravitation are twin facets of the impersonal time-space mechanism of total creation. The levels of gravity response for spirit, mind, and matter are quite independent of time, but only true spirit levels of reality are independent of space (nonspatial). The higher mind levels of the universe the spiritmind levels may also be nonspatial, but the levels of material mind, such as human minds, are responsive to the interactions of universe gravitation, losing this response only in proportion to spirit identification. Spirit-reality levels are recognized by their spirit content, and spirituality in time and space is measured inversely to the linear-gravity response.

Linear-gravity response is a quantitative measure of nonspirit energy. All mass organized energy is subject to this grasp except as motion and mind act upon it. Linear gravity is the shortrange cohesive force of the macrocosmos somewhat as the forces of the intra-atomic cohesion are the short-range forces of the microcosmos. Physical materialized energy, organized as so-called matter, cannot traverse space without affecting linear-gravity response. Although such gravity response is directly proportional to mass, it is so modified by intervening space that the final result is (no more than roughly approximated when expressed as inversely according to the square of the distance. Space eventually conquers linear gravitation because of the presence therein of the anti-gravity influences of numerous supermaterial forces which operate to neutralize gravity action and all responses thereto.

Extremely complex and highly automatic-appearing cosmic mechanisms always tend to conceal the presence of the originative or creative indwelling mind from any and all intelligences very far below the universe levels of the nature and capacity of the mechanism itself. Therefore, is it inevitable that the higher universe mechanisms must appear to be mindless to the lower orders of creatures. The only possible exception to such a conclusion would be the implication of mindedness in the amazing phenomenon of an apparently self—maintaining universe but that is a matter of philosophy rather than one of actual experience.

Since mind co-ordinates the universe, fixity of mechanisms is nonexistent. The phenomenon of progressive evolution associated with cosmic self-maintenance is universal. The evolutionary capacity of the universe is inexhaustible in the infinity of spontaneity. Progress towards harmonious unity, a growing experiential synthesis superimposed on an ever-increasing complexity of relationship, could be effected only by a purposive and dominant mind, the mind of God.

The higher the universe mind associated with any universe phenomenon, the more difficult it is for the lower types to discover it. And since the mind of the universe mechanism is creative spiritmind (even the mindedness of God Himself) it can never be discovered or discerned by the lower-level minds of the universe, much less by the lowest mind of all, our human minds.

Thus, our evolving animal/ human mind, while naturally God-seeking, is not alone and of itself inherently God-knowing.

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