Paper 2 – The Nature of God

2:7:6 (42.7) happiness ensues from the recognition of truth because it can be acted out; it can be lived.

Paper 2 – The Nature of God

2:7:11 (43.4) Health, sanity, and happiness are integrations of truth, beauty, and goodness as they are blended in human experience.

Paper 55 – The Spheres of Light and Life

55:5:6 (630.3) The pursuit of happiness is an experience of joy and satisfaction.

Paper 48 – The Morontia Life

48:7:10 (556.10) Effort does not always produce joy, but there is no happiness without intelligent effort.

Paper 70 – The Evolution of Human Government

70:9:17 (794.12) It is the business and duty of society to provide the child of nature with a fair and peaceful opportunity to pursue self-maintenance, participate in self-perpetuation, while at the same time enjoying some measure of self-gratification, the sum of all three constituting human happiness.



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