“Human Mortals” – Directory

The Planetary Physical Types

The Material Self

Evolutionary Will Creatures

Social Classes

The Mixed Races

The Evolutionary Races of Color

Origin of Our Colored Races

Life Establishment on Our Planet Urantia

The First Human Beings

Physical-Life Prerequisites

Morals, Virtue, and Personality

The Evolution of Our Human Race

Right Now! You are Living a Potentially Eternal Life!

Each Sex Remains Supreme!

You are the Human Consciousness of Human Mind!

The Six Evolutionary Races

Evolutionary Techniques of Life

Education is the Business of our Living!

The Emergence of Our Planet’s First Two Human Beings

The Balance of Maturity

Urges, Desires, and Lures

Mortal Life

The Rule of Living


Man vs. Woman!

The Human Destiny

Our Mind is Mortal, Human, and Evolutionary

Our Mortal Life

The Evolution of Our Planet’s Evolutionary Races of Color

Evolutionary Will Creatures

Human Life on our World is an Unknown Experiment!

The Reality of Human Consciousness

Evolutionary Mind Levels

Red Man and Yellow Man

The Self

The Dawn Races of Early Man

The Lures of Maturity

The Evolutionary Panorama

How Human Beings are Created and Why?

Primitive Man in the Ice Age

All Mortals are Evolutionary Beings

Slavery as a Factor in Civilization

Human Life

Becoming Spirit is Our Goal

The Inner Life

The Cro-Magnoid Blue Man

The Story of Our Ancestral Human Ascent

The Primates

The Three White Races

Dispersion of the Colored Races

The First Human Family


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