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Though the stimuli of the external material world may originate ideas, ‘ideals’ are only born in the creative realms of inner life! Therefore inner and outer worlds maintain different set of values.

Meanings are non-existent in a wholly sensory (material) world. Only are meanings and values­ which come only as a mutual creation of mind, which knows, and its associated indwelling Spirit, which reality-izes — are perceived in the inner (supermaterial) spheres of human experience. Therefore only in your inner life is ‘your life’ truly creative!

There thus rests upon each and every one of us the responsibility of ‘choosing’ whether our creativity shall be spontaneous and wholly haphazard-or controlled, constructive and directive.

It is only the creativity of your inner life that is most subject to your direction. For it is here where your personality, associated with the limited sovereignty of your human will, is so liberated from the laws of “cause and effect.” Conversely, never can we expect to thus completely change our outer world-the external environment. Thus remember: the past is unchangeable; only can our future be changed by the ministry of the present creativity of our inner life!

Personality functions only in inner life, and it is inherently creative! And this inner creativity­ — through personality integration and self-identification — contributes to the ennoblement of the spiritual character of you!

The progressions of true civilization are all born in the inner life of its humanity!

Though the happiness and joy of each of us takes origin in our inner life, never can we experience real joy all by yourself. We must learn to tolerate and be compassionate with one another!

Solitary life is fatal to true happiness! Even families, neighborhoods, communities, organizations, groups, cultures, nations, and human relations (and interrelations) enjoy life more when they share it with others.

Sharing is God-like! God shares-so must we! 

Only in the higher levels of a God-conscious mind, as it impinges upon the spirit realm of human experience, can we find those higher concepts in association with effective master patterns which contribute to the building of a better and more enduring civilization.

A civilization can hardly progress when the majority of its youth, of any generation, devote their energies and interests to the materialistic pursuits of the outer (sensory) external world. And a civilization is in danger when three-quarters of its youth neglect to interest and energize themselves in philosophy, ethics, sociology, eugenics, fine arts, religion and cosmology — the superabundance of materialistic ideas being their cause.

How can any creative imagination produce worthy children when their (mind) stage is already pre­-occupied by bigotry, prejudice, hatred, fears, resentment, and revenge?

The antidotes to war, poverty, divorce, racial hatred, etc., all are found in the creativity of the inner life of our humanity. Only when the nations of our world seek leadership to develop and implement inspiration in cosmic ideals, will these same nations (of materialism) experience inner peace and real joy! The problem is this: being endowed with the powers of creativity, we also embrace the other extreme: the potential of freewill destruction. And when our creativity is turned to this destruction, all of us are “face to face” with the devastation of evil and sin: oppression, war and destruction!

Evil is any and all conflict that inhibits creativity in inner life; and being a partiality of creativity, it tends toward disintegration and eventual destruction. And in personality — it is a species of civil war!

‘Be’ing like God is the key to our perfection. This supreme human desire, and its associated willingness to do and ‘Be’ — any and all things which are essential to its final attainment — is the secret to our survival in death, perfection in the next life, and ‘service’ in Eternity! And all is achieved in our inner life, when we submit our will to ‘Be’ — God’s Will!

Doing God’s Will is nothing more or less than an exhibition of your willingness to share your inner life with Him — the very same God Who made possible the present inner life of you!

Such a personality-choice is not your surrendering your will. It is a consecration, an expansion, a glorification, a perfecting of your will — raising your human will from its present level of temporal significance to a potentially Eternal value. And if you do choose to make this choice, sooner or later you will find inner (fusion) union with your indwelling Spirit Being; you and God — two personalities whose creative attributes have Eternally joined in Self-willed mutuality of expression. It is your will ‘Be’ing­ — the Will of God!

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