Intermediate Notes — Directory

  1. How Human Beings are Created and Why?
  2. What is Thought? 
  3. What is Personality?
  4. The Components of the Eternal Evolution of You!
  5. God’s Thought Controls all Creation!
  6. The Eternal Reason You are Here!
  7. The Eternal Reason All Exists!
  8. Life after Death!
  9. God Delegates Everything!
  10. So What is The True Meaning of Life?
  11. How to Survive Death!
  12. The [Mind] … Location of You!
  13. Revelatory Sayings!
  14. Jesus Teaches … Mentor’s You!
  15. The Meaning and Value of Life!
  16. Your Soul is the Escape Vehicle of You!
  17. God is Love!
  18. Our Original Heritage is the Same!
  19. Serve, Learn, and Teach
  20. Man vs. Woman
  21. The Great Threat of Family Life!
  22. Inner vs. Outer Life
  23. We are All One Spirit Family
  24. The Evolution of the Real You!
  25. Paradise is the Location of Our Eternal Homes!
  26. How to Mature the Human Personality!
  27. Education is the Business of our Living!
  28. Democracy is not of Divinity!
  29. Death is Just a Process!
  30. Resurrection: Reassembling the Real You!
  31. There Really are Three Kinds of Death!
  32. The Indwelling Spirit Beings!
  33. The Origin of our Planet and First Two Human Beings!
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