Jesus from Baptism to Resurrection — Directory

What is Religion?

Two Mistakes of Early Christianity

The Vulnerability of Materialism

The Vine and the Branches

The Three Drives of Human Life

The Teachings of Worship and Prayer

The Talk About the Kingdom

The Supremacy of Religion

The Story of Jesus; the Son of God!

The Sermon on Forgiveness

The Second Discourse on Religion

The Rich Man and the Beggar

The Religion of Jesus

The Positive Nature of Jesus’ Religion

The Personality of God

The Parable of the Sower

The Modern Problem for Christianity

The Four Stages of Jesus’ Life

The Father’s Will

The Father and His Kingdom

The Faith of Jesus

The Divine Nature of Jesus

The Discourse on Spiritual Freedom

The Discourse on Prayer

The Believer’s Prayer

The Attitude of the Apostles

Table of Contents – Jesus, His Life as the Son of God!

Sermon on the Light of the World

Sermon on the Good Shepherd

Secular Totalitarianism

Religion, Science, and Philosophy

Prayer, Thanksgiving, and Worship

Parable of the Shrewd Steward

Parable of the Lost Son

Parable of the Foolish Carpenter

Our Future

Other Forms of Prayer

More Parables by the Sea

More about Prayer


Lessons from the Cross

John the Baptist

Jesus’ Teaching About the Kingdom

Jesus’ Human and Divine Minds

Jesus’ Concept of the Kingdom

Jesus — the Man

Jesus – Teaching about Accidents

God’s Law and the Father’s Will

Divine Forgiveness

Discourse on Sonship and Citizenship

Christianity’s Problem

Born of the Spirit

“I am the bread of life”

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