Kingdom Entrance

1. Faith is the only requisite to enter the Father’s kingdom; the Father has opened the doors of the heavenly kingdom to all who have the faith to enter, and no man or association of men can close those doors even to the most humble soul or supposedly most flagrant sinner on earth if such sinner sincerely seeks an entrance.

2. Those who are able to enter the kingdom shall enjoy the divine rest; and whatever it shall cost you in the things of the world, no matter what price you may pay to enter the kingdom of heaven, you shall receive manyfold more of joy and spiritual progress in this world, and in the age to come – eternal life!

3. The door of eternal life is wide open to all; “whosoever will may come;” there are no restrictions or qualifications save the faith of the one who comes; the kingdom of heaven is free from castes, classes, social levels, and economic groups; spiritually, men and women are equal; we are all brethren.

4. All who enter the kingdom of heaven shall become the children of God, shall have eternal life, and in the age to come so shall they ascend to the Father in Paradise.

5. The Paradise ascent is the supreme adventure of all time, the rugged achievement of eternity; the kingdom of heaven is an evolutionary experience beginning here on earth and progressing up through successive life stations to Paradise.

6. In gaining an entrance into the kingdom of heaven, it is the motive that counts; for the Father looks into the hearts of humans and judges by their inner longings and their sincere intentions.

7. “Those who first seek to enter the kingdom, thus beginning to strive for a nobility of character life that of the Father, shall presently possess all else that is needful; but unless you seek entrance into the kingdom with the faith and trusting dependence of a little child, you shall in no wise gain admission.”

8. To become as little children as the price of entering the kingdom, refers not to ease of deception, mere willingness to believe, nor to quickness to trust pleasing strangers; it is that you should gather from the illustration — the child-father relationship.

9. You are the child, and it is your Father’s kingdom you seek to enter.

10. There is present that natural affection between every normal child and its father which insures an understanding and loving relationship, and which forever precludes all disposition to bargain for the Father’s love and mercy; and the gospel has to do with a salvation growing out of the faith – realization of this very and eternal child-father relationship.

11. In the kingdom, mercy always shall determine your judgments and love your conduct.

12. But “be not content with your childhood in the gospel but strive for the attainment of the full stature of divine sonship in the communion of the spirit and in the fellowship of believers.”

13. Remember, entrance into the Father’s kingdom is wholly free, but progress – growth in grace – is essential to continuance therein.

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