Lead Not Into Temptation

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1.  Since humans so often and so violently run into temptation, it may become one’s habit to believe that God leads us thither for testing, punishing, or strengthening; but know better.

2. Know that humans are all too often led into temptation by the urge of their own selfishness and by the impulses of their animal natures.

3. When you are in this way tempted, while you recognize such temptation honestly and sincerely for just what it is, intelligently re-direct the energies of spirit, mind, and body which are seeking expression, into higher channels and toward more idealistic goals.

4. In this way may you transform your temptations into the higher types of uplifting mortal ministry while you almost wholly avoid these wasteful and weakening conflicts between animal and spiritual natures.

5. Be warned against the folly of undertaking to surmount temptation by the effort of supplanting one desire by another and supposedly superior desire through the mere force of human will.

6. If you would be truly triumphant over the temptations of the lesser and lower nature, you must come to that place of spiritual advantage where you have really and truly developed an actual interest in, and love for, those higher and more idealistic forms of conduct which your mind is desirous of substitut­ing for these lower and less idealistic habits of behavior that you recognize as temptation.

7. You will in this way be delivered through spiritual transformation rather than be increasingly over­burdened with the deceptive suppression of mortal desires; the old and the inferior will be forgotten in the love for the new and the superior.

8. “Be not overcome by evil but rather overcome evil with good.”

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