Life after Death

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The realities of spirit and mind functioning in personality and inter-associated in a life-form mechanism [presently your human body] continue in the next life of you; right where you leave off here — as concerns the intellectual training and spiritual character development of you!

Remember: since the unity of selfhood and the self-consciousness of our present personality are endowments of the supermaterial world, the personality you right now possess eternally identifies you as a spiritual being.

This is your first life — or your native life of judgment! Here you determine whether or not you choose to actualize the indwelling Spirit Being’s God-identity of you [or actualize what you truly desire and really love to do]. Upon death, and after affirmative judgment, you will [then] resurrect into the next and immortal life of you!

After death, and upon resurrection, there are [then) 570 immortal life experiences we must do, prior to experiencing just the first stage of your eternal spirit existence. But for the other 569 [consecutive] immortal, spiritually ascending life forms, [in part] unlike resurrection, they all are accomplished through a ten (10) day sleep period, where you are relaxed and are resting [there] through.

[Then] upon the unique and individual spiritual perfection of each and every one of us (who so choose], it is ordained by God Himself, that we, as His true Spirit Children, shall eternally reside near Him at His central dwelling residence of the Eternal Isle of Paradise, at the very center of all infinity.

There, we shall eternally live in our [already designed and built] most glorious and exquisite individual homes; eternally to serve in His highly respected Paradise Corps of the Mortal Finaliter; function in as the actual Administrators and Directors of the presently evolving 1st Outer Space Level­ — that our scientists here are [right now) beginning to see!

For all you naturalists, may I simply suggest you strive with all your might to do what you truly desire, and really love to do (daily, and at every instant of time]. For it is this process alone, coupled with your determined and persistent spiritual perfecting of your currently budding love expression, that will emerge your greatest joy and eternal happiness. That is the secret to your Eternal salvation and Infinite Joy!

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So you know: Why God Created You!

Our Ascending Journey to Eternal Life!


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