Michael’s Seventh and Final Bestowal

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For tens of thousands of years all in our Seventh Superuniverse headquarters, Salvington, looked forward to the seventh and final bestowal of Michael. Gabriel had taught that this terminal bestowal would be made in the likeness of. mortal flesh, but everyone was wholly ignorant of the time, place, and manner of this culminating adventure.

The public announcement that Michael had selected our planet Urantia as the theater for his final bestowal was made shortly after it was learned about the default of Adam and Eve. (Detailed in the Urantia Book). And thus, for this period of more than thirty-five thousand years, our world occupied a very conspicuous place in the councils of the entire universe of ten million evolving inhabitable worlds. There was no secrecy (aside from the incarnation mystery) connected with any step in the Urantia bestowal on our planet. From first to last, up to the final and triumphant return of Michael to Salvington as supreme Universe Sovereign, there was the fullest universe publicity of all that transpired on our small but highly honored world.

For a third of a century of earth time all eyes in all parts of our local universe were focused on Urantia. All intelligences realized that the last bestowal was in progress and as it had long been known of the Lucifer rebellion in Satania and of the Caligastia disaffection on Urantia (who subsequently influenced the cause of the default of Eve, which in turn influenced the default of Adam); it was therefore well understood the intensity of the struggle which would ensue when Michael of Nebadon condescended to incarnate on our planet Urantia in the humble form and likeness of mortal flesh — as Jesus Christ Michael.

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The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia

Michael’s Bestowal Limitations


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