Ministering Spirits of The Local Universe

There are three distinct orders of the personalities of the Infinite Spirit: angels, authorities, and powers. Angels are the ministering spirits of time; authorities, the messenger hosts of space; powers, the higher personalities of the Infinite Spirit.

As the supernaphim in the central universe and the seconaphim in a superuniverse, so the seraphim, with the associated cherubim and sanobim, constitute the angelic corps of a local universe.

The seraphim are all fairly uniform in design. From universe to universe, throughout all seven of the superuniverses, they show a minimum of variation; they are the most nearly standard of all spirit types of personal beings. Their various orders constitute the corps of the skilled and common ministers of the local creations.

  1. Origin of Seraphim

Seraphim are created by the Universe Mother Spirit and have been projected in unit formation — 41,472 at a time — ever since the creation of the “pattern angels” and certain angelic archetypes in the early times of Nebadon. The Creator Son and the universe representation of the Infinite Spirit, the Universe Mother Spirit, collaborate in the creation of a large number of Sons and other universe personalities. Following the completion of this unified effort, the Son engages in the creation of the Material Sons, the first of the sex creatures, while the Universe Mother Spirit concurrently engages in her initial solitary effort at spirit reproduction. Thus, begins the creation of the seraphic hosts of a local universe.

These angelic orders are projected at the time of planning for the evolution of mortal will creatures. The creation of seraphim dates from the attainment of relative personality by the Universe Mother Spirit, not as the later co-ordinate of the Master Son, but as the early creative helper of the Creator Son. Previous to this event the seraphim on duty in Nebadon were temporarily loaned by a neighboring universe.

Seraphim are still being periodically created; the universe of Nebadon is still in the making. The Universe Mother Spirit never ceases creative activity in a growing and perfecting universe.

  1. Angelic Natures

Angels do not have material bodies, but they are definite and discrete beings; they are of spirit nature and origin. Though invisible to mortals, they perceive us as we are in the flesh without the aid of transformers or translators; they intellectually understand the mode of mortal life, and they share all of man’s non-sensuous emotions and sentiments. They appreciate and greatly enjoy our efforts in music, art, and real humor. They are fully cognizant of our moral struggles and spiritual difficulties.  They love human beings, and only good can result from our efforts to understand and love them (too)!

Though seraphim are very affectionate and sympathetic beings, they are not sex­ emotion creatures. They are much as we will be on the mansion worlds, where we will “neither marry nor be given in marriage but will be as the angels of heaven.” For all who “shall be accounted worthy to attain the mansion worlds neither marry nor are given in marriage; neither do they die any more,  for they are equal to  the angels.” Nevertheless, in dealing with sex creatures it is their custom to speak of those beings of more direct descent from the Father and the Son as the sons of God, while referring  to the children of the Spirit as the daughters of God.  Angels are, therefore, commonly designated by feminine pronouns on the sex planets.

The seraphim are so created as to function on both spiritual and literal levels. There are few phases of morontia or spirit activity which are not open to their ministrations. While in personal status angels are not so far removed from human beings, in certain functional performances seraphim far transcend them. They possess many powers far beyond human comprehension. For example: We have been told that the “very hairs of your head are numbered,” and it is true they are, but a seraphim does  not spend her time counting them and keeping the number corrected up to date. Angels possess inherent and automatic (that is, automatic as far as we could perceive) powers of knowing such things, we would truly regard a seraphim as a mathematical prodigy. Therefore, numerous duties which would be tremendous tasks for mortals are performed with exceeding ease by seraphim.

Angels are superior to us human beings in spiritual status, but they are not our judges or accusers. No matter what our faults, “the angels, although greater in power and might, bring no accusation against you.” Angels do not sit in judgment on mankind, neither should individual mortals prejudge their fellow creatures.

We do well to love them, but we should not adore them; angels are not objects of worship. The great seraphim, Loyalatia, when our seer “fell down to worship before the feet of the angel,” said: “See that you do it not; I am a fellow servant with you and with your races, who are all enjoined to worship God.”

In nature and personality endowment the seraphim are just a trifle ahead of mortal races in the scale of creature existence. Indeed, when we are delivered from the flesh, we become very much like them. On the mansion worlds we will begin to appreciate the seraphim, on the constellation spheres to enjoy them, while on Salving ton they will share their places of rest and worship with us. Throughout the whole morontia and subsequent spirit ascent, our fraternity with the seraphim will be ideal; our companionship will be superb.

  1. Unrevealed Angels

Numerous orders of spirit beings function throughout the domains of the local universe that are unrevealed to mortals because  they are in no manner connected with the evolutionary plan of Paradise ascension. In this narrative the word “angel” is purposely limited to the designation of those seraphic and associated offspring of the Universe Mother Spirit who are so largely concerned with the operation of the plans of mortal survival. There serve in the local universe six other orders of related beings, the unrevealed angels, who are not in any specific manner connected with those universe activities pertaining to the Paradise ascent of evolutionary mortals, as ourselves. These six groups of angelic associates are never called seraphim, neither are they referred to as ministering spirits. These personalities are wholly occupied with the administrative and other affairs of Nebadon, engagements which are in no way related to man’s progressive career of spiritual ascent and perfection attainment.

  1. Cherubim and Sanobim

In all essential endowments, cherubim and sanobim are similar to seraphim.  They have the same origin but not always the same destiny. They are wonderfully intelligent, marvelously efficient, touchingly affectionate, and almost human. They are the lowest order of angels, hence all the nearer of kin to the more progressive types of human beings on the evolutionary worlds.

Cherubim and sanobim are inherently associated, functionally united. One is an energy positive personality; the other, energy negative.  The right-hand deflector, or positively charged angel, is the cherubim — the senior or controlling personality. The left-hand deflector, or negatively charged angel, is the sanobim — the complement of being. Each type of angel is very limited in solitary function; hence they usually serve in pairs. When serving independently of their seraphic directors, they are more than ever dependent on mutual contact and always function together.

Cherubim and sanobim are the faithful and efficient aids of the seraphic ministers, and all seven orders of seraphim are provided with these subordinate assistants.  Cherubim and sanobim serve for ages in these capacities, but they do not accompany seraphim on assignments beyond the confines of the local universe.

The cherubim and sanobim are the routine spirit workers on the individual worlds of the systems. On a non-personal assignment and in an emergency, they may serve in the place of a seraphic pair, but they never function, even temporarily, as attending angels to human beings; that is the exclusive seraphic privilege.


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