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The Infinite Spirit, the Third Source and Center is infinite in mind. If the universe should grow to infinity, still his mind potential would be adequate to endow limitless numbers of creatures with suitable minds and other prerequisites of intellect.

In the domain of created mind, the Third Person, with his coordinate and subordinate associates, rules supreme. The realms of creature mind are of exclusive origin in the Third Source and Center; he is the bestower of mind. Even the indwelling spirit Father fragments find it impossible to indwell the minds of mortals until the way has been properly prepared for us by the mind action and spiritual function of the Infinite Spirit.

The unique feature of mind is that it can be bestowed upon such a wide range of life. Through his creative and creature associates, the Third Source and Center ministers to all minds on all spheres. Everlasting ministry to mind is the essence of the Spirit’s divine character This desire to minister, this divine urge to service. The Spirit is love applied to the creature creation showing forth the combined mercy, patience, and everlasting affection of a divine parent towards the intelligent children of his co-operative devising and making.

The spirit personalities of the vast family of the Divine and Infinite Spirit are forever dedicated to the service of the ministry of the love of God and the mercy of the Son to all the intelligent creatures of the evolutionary worlds of time and space. These spirit beings constitute the living ladder whereby mortals climb from chaos to glory. And always is the direction of mind a ministry of mind spirit or mind energy personalities.

The reality of the Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor, is the ancestor of the cosmic mind, and the mind of mortal beings is an individualized circuit, an impersonal portion, of that cosmic mind as it is bestowed in a local universe. Because the Third Person is the source of mind, do not presume to reckon that all phenomena of mind are divine. Human intellect is rooted in the material origin of the animal races. Universe intelligence is no more a true revelation of God who is mind than is physical nature a true revelation of the beauty and harmony of Paradise. Perfection is in nature, but nature is not perfect. The Conjoint Creator, the Infinite Spirit, is the source of mind, but mind is not the ‘Conjoint Creator.

The Third Source and Center assists in the maintenance of the equilibrium and co-ordination of the combined physical and spiritual energies and organizations by the absoluteness of his grasp of the cosmic mind and by the exercise of his inherent and universal physical — and spiritual-gravity complements. Whenever and wherever there occurs a liaison between the material and the spiritual, such a mind phenomena is an act of the Infinite Spirit. Mind alone can interassociate the physical forces and energies of the material level with the spiritual powers and beings of the spirit level.

So, in all your contemplation of universal phenomena, make certain that you take into consideration the interrelation of physical, intellectual, and spiritual energies, and that due allowance is made for the unexpected phenomena attendant upon their unification by personality.

The eternal quest is for unification, for divine coherence. The far-flung physical universe coheres in the Isle of Paradise; the intellectual universe coheres in the God of Mind, the Third Source and Center, the Infinite Spirit; the spiritual universe is coherent in the personality of the Second Source and Center, the Eternal Son. But all of us isolated mortals of time and space cohere in God the Father, the First Source and Center, through the direct relationship between the indwelling Thought Adjuster and the Universal Father. Your Adjuster now indwelling your mind is a fragment of God and everlastingly seeks for divine unification; it coheres with, and in, the Paradise Deity of the First Source and Center God Himself!

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